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Organic cotton is made from natural seeds, and there is no use of pesticides or else other harmful chemicals. Regular cotton is grown on the same soil over and over again, degrading the soil quality, eliminating nutrients and leading to unhealthy crops. Organic cotton is turned from one soil to another and the nutrients retain water for long, requiring less irrigation. This leads to healthier crops. For details visit


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The Difference between Organic Cotton apparel fabric Vs regular Cotton fabric! | Know the diversity between them !

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We might ignore the fact but, organic cotton knit fabric is the most popular fabric all over the world. It accounts for more than half of all fiber needs across the globe. If you are assuming that cotton has no sub-categories and all are same, then you are wrong! We often come across two types of cotton, where we fail to discover the difference !

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Yes, you heard it right! There are two types of cotton in the real world! They are Organic Cotton and regular cotton. In this blog post, we will learn the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton. Before going deep into the topic, if you have been searching for organic cotton especially for organic baby apparel fabric, then Birch Organic Fabric is the best organic cotton wholesale to consider for!

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Let’s know the difference between Organic cotton fabric and regular cotton fabric... Difference between organic and regular cotton ! There is a world of difference between the organic cotton knit fabric and regular cotton fabric. Any individual who has used organic cotton products will find it hard to go back to regular cotton.

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Wholesomeness and transparency of the cotton The wholesomeness of cotton fibers is judged from the way the cotton is picked. They are either handpicked or machine picked. Organic cotton fabric is completely handpicked, preserving the transparency or purity of every fiber and ensuring that no fiber is damaged in the process. Regular cotton is usually machine picked to cope with the rush. Organic cotton knit fabric apparel is softer than the regular cotton because of the longer fibers. Hand-picked cotton ensures these fibers don’t get weakened or else broken, resulting in softer and more durable products.

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The farming approach of cotton Regular cotton farming starts with genetically modified seeds. They are modified to build resistance to bugs, but when the bugs become stronger, more pesticides are needed. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds, and there is no use of pesticides or else other harmful chemicals.

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Organic cotton is softer, hypoallergenic as well as last for a long time. Check out the best collections at Birch Organic Fabric! Visit now ! 1745 Riverside Ave. Suite A (13,213.72 km ) 93446 Paso Robles, California + 1 805-239-8888

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