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Tools have been used by mankind since the dawn of time. The multiple pointed tools are mostly used for drilling, grinding and milling whereas the single pointed tools are used for shaping and cutting purposes. The manufacturers of these tools have to consider many things to increase the working ability of these tools. The question before getting these tools is how to select the right cutting tool manufacturer. You need to consider the things before choosing the best tool company. Bipico, a leading metal cutting tools manufacturer.


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How to Choose the Best Cutting Tool Manufacturers

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Introduction Cutting tools are the tools or machinery used to cut the piece of the material by the single or multiple pointed tools. The multiple pointed tools are mostly used for drilling grinding and milling whereas the single pointed tools are used for shaping and cutting purposes. Cutting tools are made of a very hard material from the materials that needs to be cut.

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Cermet Materials Of The Cutting Tool Cemented Carbide

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Diamon d Cobalt Alloys

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Types Of Cutting Tools Metal Cutting tools ● The tools for cutting the metal have to be very hard and strong. ● These tools are constantly in need of the replacement as they are easily weared of from its use on the hard surfaces. ● The hard duty usage includes drill machines.

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Glass Cutter ● These tools are used for cutting/scoring the glass. ● This makes it easy to break the glass in the desired shape. ● Glass cutting is a difficult process as glass is a weak and delicate material and there are chances of breaking it if wrong force is applied. ● There are different types and sizes of glass cutter that can be used for both industrial use and domestic use.

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Leather Cutting Tools ● These tools are used in the leather industries. ● Leather is very expensive so a great care is needed in cutting it. ● The leather cutting tools include shears swivel knives and rotary cutters.

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Following Things Before Choosing The Best Tool Company ● Does the manufacturer you choose have the valid license ● Check the Recommendations and reviews. Many manufacturers have their business online. ● Check their websites for the reviews or get the recommendations from friends and family members. ● You should consider the safety first. ● Try to get the expert’s advice before choosing the tool manufacturer.

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BIPICO an ISO 9001:2008 company is established in November – 1974 and is proud of its more than four decades journey as a Hacksaw Blade manufacturing company BIPICO has grown into a major cutting tools manufacturer and exporter with a strong brand image in India and in International markets.

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506-A Lotus House 5th Floor 33 Sir V. Thackersey Road Mumbai – 400 020 INDIA + 91- 22- 22003881 / 22000747 + 91- 22- 22035519 / 22035594 + 91- 22- 22034388 + 91- 22- 22001631 Mr. Pramit K. Patel - CMD Mr. Chandresh H. Vyas – Senior Vice President Corporate Office

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