Rural health in odisha


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BIPF focus on rural health and CSR in Odisha to succeed in rural development programmes in Odisha. We stand for rural health in Odisha & women rights movement in Odisha.


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Rural Health In Odisha

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Major Goals Of Rural Development Programmes In Odisha There are lots of organizations have started to work for the rural development in Odisha and India. In this scenario, efforts of Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is bringing optimistic changes. Most of the rural development programmes in Odisha of BIPF signifies the values of health and hygiene, education and employment, etc. Particularly in the healthcare segment, this organization is already having many short and long term goals.

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Involving People – To make any rural development programmes in Odisha successful, participation of beneficiaries is necessary. Giving priority to this idea, BIPF is continuously letting people get the most out of its rural health in Odisha programs. Continuous Endeavours – Retaining the continuity of the current projects and what went before is required. All the strategies of the BIPF urge continuity of the successful programs to bring optimistic results. Inspiring Results – Success stories of the Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation and its rural development programmes are really inspiring. Through creating models of change, it is supporting the successful long run of the programmes.

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Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation IMFA Building,Bhubaneswar , 751010 , Odisha , India Tel : 06743051000 Email:

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