Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

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BIPF focus on rural health and CSR in Odisha to succeed in rural development programmes in Odisha. We stand for rural health in Odisha & women rights movement in Odisha.


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Rural Development Programmes In Odisha

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Rural Empowerment Through Social Development In Odisha Acts of god can be confined up to a certain extent, but social development is something that is manageable by everyone. We heard a lot of news stories about the government ’ s agenda, failures, successes, etc. At some point of time, we blame and coerce the authorities regarding the poor development status of Odisha. As a matter of fact, there are several instances of corruption that hampers the social development in Odisha , especially the rural communities. However, there is another aspect of the society that shows blatant negligence as a reflection of people with privileges.

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Criticism and praise is a part and parcel of the society and from the society. But, in the midst of all these, only one agenda shall be concentrated upon and this is social development. Government, civil societies, NGOs, CSR initiatives and most of all common people can make their best efforts in the humanitarian work. There are some major areas that really need the help of rural development programmes in Odisha and that too with equal importance. The following focuses on such areas and what can be done for it.

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