Rural Health in Odisha


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BIPF focus on rural health and CSR in Odisha to succeed in rural development programmes in Odisha. We stand for rural health in Odisha & women rights movement in Odisha.


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Rural Health in Odisha

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Accelerating the Rural Development Programmes in Odisha We have to think beyond the challenges and go ahead with all available resources, to promote wellbeing in rural areas of Odisha . Whether it is education, livelihood or rural health in Odisha , change is possible. To transform the lifestyle of the rural people in the state, Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is working evidently. All the initiatives of BIPF are successfully bringing positive changes to the outlook of the beneficiaries and change markers.

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Making the Rural Development Programmes in Odisha Successful: • Plan – Planning the roadmap for attaining the success is necessary. In fact, resourceful planning considered as the first and foremost footstep towards the accomplishments. Listing all available and necessary resources lets you identify the missing areas and the ideas to fulfil it. • Prepare – Before moving to the fields, checking the resources and strategies is necessary. For initiating the rural development programmes in Odisha , direct inclusion of the beneficiaries has positive impacts. • Progress – The decision of continuing with the same strategy, changing the plans, adding more resources, etc come in the operational stages. Reviewing the success and failure of all modules of the strategy highlights the scopes. • Promote – Making all basic and advanced facilities available for the beneficiaries of the programmes related to rural health in Odisha could be a challenge in remote areas. Spreading awareness and making them realizing the practical benefits of the programmes is vital. All the active developmental programmes running by Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation in rural areas of Odisha are bringing optimistic changes.

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