Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

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Rural Development Programmes in Odisha:

Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

The Base of Women Rights Movement in Odisha:

The Base of Women Rights Movement in Odisha Different plans and programmes at all levels have aimed at women’s development in various spheres. Idioms on equality and women empowerment are being louder by the closely associated people. In last few years, the women rights movement in Odisha has significantly brought many growth opportunities. The campaigns at all levels are aiming at the overall growth of this unprivileged group. The initiatives are being taken to ensure availability of equal opportunities as men . Rural Development Programmes in Odisha and Women Empowerment : These two factors are having quite similar solutions. The scope of development is polished through making changes in the socio economic circumstances and policies. It noticeably brings a positive transformation of the mindset of this deprived group.

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Equivalent access to healthcare, education, employment, and social security really means a lot. Their participation realizes them being able and more resourceful. In fact, their involvement and decision making in social and political spheres adds more values to the growth of the nation. The programs that emphasize on the contribution of women to the socio-economic structure have so many advantages. Women rights movement in Odisha also includes employment of the group as producers and workers in the formal and informal workplaces .

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When we focus on rural development programmes in Odisha , heading to women empowerment, must consider social issues too. Creating a suitable environment for girls and women to stay advantageous through utilizing basic facilities is necessary. Right from health and sanitation to decision making in local governments has to be enticed absolutely. CONTACT US :- Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation IMFA Building, Bhubaneswar – 751010, Odisha , India Tel :+91 674 3051000 Email:

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