Lactulose SIBO Breath Tests Work

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slide 1: How Do Lactulose SIBO Breath Tests Work The primary functions of the small intestine are those of digestion and absorption of nutrients from our food. The bacteria in our small intestine aid in these processes providing valuable nutrients supporting gut immunity and protecting us from other invasive organisms. Overgrowth or misplacement of normal colonic bacteria in the small intestine results in fermentation rather than the normal digestion and absorption that are its primary functions. When carbohydrates ferment rather than digest hydrogen

slide 2: and methane can be produced in measurable quantities. The process of fermentation creates a host of symptoms that can be difficult to treat effectively without diagnosing and addressing the root cause. Diagnosing Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO can be done through breath tests. To complete a SIBO Breath Test patients collect a baseline breath sample before drinking a solution containing a sugar substrate. The patient then collects additional breath samples over the course of several hours. The hydrogen and methane within these samples is then tested. Hydrogen and methane are produced by bacteria and are not a normal product of human metabolism. Too much hydrogen methane or both is a positive test for bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine. With this condition the small intestine does not get a chance to digest and absorb sugar and carbohydrate as the bacteria digests them. Therefore a large of amount hydrogen is produced in the small intestine. BioHealth Laboratory offers several different options for SIBO Breath Tests including lactulose glucose and fructose as well as combination kits. Thanks

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