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An Overview on Japakusum Scalp Lotion Japakusum Scalp Lotion is considered to be an effective herbal treatment that comprises of extracts of hibiscus that is used for hair care as a natural source since the ancient times. This hair oil comprises of goof characteristics of hibiscus along with trusted herbs and supreme quality of natural oils such as Marigold jojoba olive vitamin E lemon for nourishment protection and retaining moisture. It is believed to an excellent remedy for hair fall. Using this oil on a regular basis may assist in the transformation of brittle as well as rough hair into soft manageable smooth skill hair along with the dark shine. How Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion is beneficial for your hair The population has enhanced many folds in the town and city. Unhygienic water dust air pollutants damage hair roots. Damage is also caused owing to the use of color rinsings hair dyes blow dryers and strong shampoos. Hair fall as well as premature hair graying may result due to the long standing diseases such as jaundice typhoid etc. Everyday tensions and stress are also counted to be the root cause of hair problems. For handling these issues it is essential to nourish the shafts as well as roots of the hair. Japakusum Scalp Lotion is considered to be the perfect solution to the problems. This is an oil-free formula that does not result in greasiness of hair. This product has become highly effective to provide nourishment to the roots of the hair and conferring strength to the same. This lotion is known to act at the root level of hair. Ingredients This ayurvedic hair solution is comprised of the following ingredients: Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis is known to be the most common ingredient found in hair loss. It helps in treating hair loss. It also confers darker color to the hair. It is considered to be aperient anodyne laxative and emollient.

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Lawsonia Alba This is actually henna which leaves hair lustrous and soft owing to the emollient properties. Aloe Barbadensis Aloe Barbadensis is recognized to be a magical plant which is used for the treatment of different health problems. It bestows the prerequisite nourishment as well as moisture to hair with an eye to treating the dryness in an effective manner. Emblica Officinalia It is also known as Indian gooseberry. It happens to be one of the most wonderful household herbs for the treatment of hair related problems. Eclipta Alba This is actually Bhringraj. This ingredient is highly effective in the treatment of hair loss hair graying as well as dandruff. How to apply To begin with you need to detangle and section the hair after which you require taking adequate amount of the oil in the palm of your hand. You need to apply the oil generously to every section at the time of massaging in a gentle way till the lotion sinks into the scalp in a complete way. You need to apply the lotion at least one hour prior to going to bed in order to avoid the staining of pillow cover as it consists of henna. CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT PERSON: Mr. U. A. Tendulkar ADDRESS: 525 5th Floor Ecstasy Commercial Building Near Mulund Flyover Mulund West Mumbai Maharashtra India PHONE NO: 022-25918889/022-25916436 EMAIL ID: WEBSITE:

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