Unusual Lower Back Pain Relief Methods

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Unusual Lower Back Pain Relief Methods


Happy Hormones Well, this may come as a surprise to you but “don’t worry be happy” may be one of the best lower back pain relief methods! Indulging in certain activities that boost your endorphins can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety ultimately resulting in reduced back pain. Activities like exercising, meditating and doing yoga can boost your endorphin levels.


Rest Up! Resting while you’re suffering is common. But here, the reason is uncommon. Insomnia caused by pain can worsen your back issues. Your back issues can in turn cause insomnia. Vicious circle, isn’t it? This needs to be broken. When your body gets sufficient rest, it heals and breaks the cycle of insomnia and muscle tension. So, sleep away! Get Your Brain Busy Pain signals are interpreted and processed by your brain so if you distract your brain, you solve half the problem! To do this, you can practice mindfulness and meditation. You can also indulge in cognitive behavioral therapy which is a very effective way to manage pain and keep your brain engaged in things that are positive and happy.


Stretch! Lower back pain is often caused by tight hamstrings. Tight or tense hamstrings can cause pain in the lower back or sacroiliac joints. Stretching is the best way to avoid muscle cramps cramps or muscle tension. Practice basic hamstring stretching twice a day to avoid tightness or tension and this will reduce pain significantly. Hot & Cold You can use hot or cold compresses to reduce muscle tension and pain. The RICE technique is extremely effective for reducing inflammation in the muscles. To get the best of heat therapy, you can soak in a hot bath, take a hot shower or simply use a heating pad. Heat therapy can increase blood flow to muscles and be relieving for intense pain.


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