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Human Resource in India Prepare by: Binu.T.J

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Population is an asset for the economy rather than a liability. Population becomes human capital when there is investment made in the form of education, training and medical care. It is through Human resource, the other factors of production is activated and energised. People as Resource

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People as Resource Explain how a Doctor, Teacher, Engineer and a Tailor are an asset to the economy

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People as Resource According to the census of 2001, the population of India stood at around 1027 million. The difference between birth rate and death rate is the survival rate of population or the growth rate of population. The high birth rate in our country is due to: Wide spread poverty, high infant mortality, Lack of family planning, and Illiteracy.

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Average life expectancy means the number of years an average person is expected to live. Modern medical facilities and health awareness in general have contributed towards raising the life span. Life expectancy in India

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What is meant by birth rate? What is meant by life expectancy? What is meant by infant mortality? State the reasons to explain that human beings are the end or goal of all economic activities.

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Has the literacy rates of the population increased since 1951? Why literacy rate is high among the males of India? How would you calculate literacy rate in India? What is your projection about India’s literacy rate in the year 2010?

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Sex ratio in India Sex ratio in India is unfavourable to females as compared to other countries.

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The 3 sectors of economy Primary sector Secondary sector Tertiary sector

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