Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard

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BingoPets was originally found in Auckland Newzealand. BingoPets Provide their customers all types of pets supplies and many more here we will discuss you 5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard


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5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard:

5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard A chicken coop or hen house is a small house type structure for female chickens to keep them safe follow up by some nest boxes inside for make it easier for the birds to sleep there or lay down their eggs. It is usually kept in backyards or in the gardens. It has an indoor area for the chickens to sleep and nest as well to lay their eggs. We must have an outdoor area with the coops to feed the chickens and hey could spend majority of their day running and spinning in the outdoor area.

5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard:

5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard Highlighting the basic purpose of a chicken coop is to protect chickens from all kind of weathers - heat, cold, wind, storm, rain and etc. And securing them from predators too. Keeping in mind the method to protect chickens is to put an isolation material between two layers of wood or bricks as chickens don't like heat, and oxygen is a mandatory thing. While making windows we should always be oriented in such a way as to prevent overheating. Proper ventilation is must to defend the chickens from overheating and infectious bronchitis BingoPets also help us while chosing pets supplies. Another purpose pops up for chicken coops is to defend the hens, chicks and eggs from the predators--especially foxes and cats and other animals. The hens can be released outside by daylight but should be locked in a coop at night to avoid any accident. Following are some attractive chicken coops that catches your eye when you enter the backyard, giving best of specifications.

5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard:

This coop is designed in such a way that we can grab eggs easily . 5 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard

Colorful and Homey: :

Colorful and Homey: This coop giving touch of home structure is beautifully designed allowing you to check upon your chickens live from the net .

Chicks-Wil-A :

Chicks-Wil-A A perfect home structure with no indoor runway for chickens. One of a family reused their children’s old bunk bed and scrap metal from a horse shelter to come up with this chicken coop.

Chick Brooding Cabinet :

Chick Brooding Cabinet This coop is not large enough to be filled with all of the chickens but it is the perfect spot for brooding the chicks

Cherry Yellow :

Cherry Yellow Painting it yellow to seek more attention when one enters the backyard. This coop gives a separate area to hens to spend their all day long along. It also have window boxes.

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