The Word of God about the rapture (the abduction) of the Church


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„Oh, sons, I would like that you do not have any part of those that are coming over the world, (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation ”, r.n.) ... I would like to protect you as I protected the disciple in the Scriptures for whom his teacher prayed to Me so that I might not leave him see the fall of Jerusalem, ... and I covered and protected him with a refreshing sleep until the years of the wrath passed. Oh, in the same way I have asked My Father for you, those who are steadfast and obedient, to do for you when you are like that. ”


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The rapture of the Church 1 «Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up 1 together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.» 1 Thessalonians: 4/17-18. The rapture of the Church Selection of texts of God’s Word 2 on the subject 3 …My children there shall be war and the birds The Christians r.n. will rise up in the sky as the earth will be filled with gases and fish will hide in the deepest sand. This is upon all the earth. There will not be left any untroubled water and any land but red. There will not be left any unburned forest. Only such will escape: those who are written in my book. Excerpt from the Word of God from 07-06-1964 … Sons be Christians for the time is coming when the Christians will be sought as the kings. The time is coming to be desired by the world in view of escaping. There will be Chris- tians who will be wanted by 7 women to be put on their names in order to escape the plague. Oh what will you do if you do not know the law Will you take 7 women I have said and I am still saying you that we have to climb up the mountain and the moments will come and I will play My great trumpet and all the little sheep will come to Me and we will leave for the mountain and many will remain confused and speechless for they thought that there was no more belief and there was no more God. And they will see great wonder and some of them will remain blind and others dumb others will remain deaf and many will put dust on their heads thinking that confess. Excerpt from the Word of God from 17-09-1965. … My little flowers the angels are coming from heaven to pick you up for this earth will be burned with fire and it will be washed with water and then there will be the possession of the Holy Spirit and there will be one flock and one Shepherd and you will say: “When did this thing happen because I am not worthy to set my foot on it.” Excerpt from the Word of God from 08-11-1967. … God will give you a deep sleep when the destruction of the sinners will be decided and He will choose a man who will come and punish even for a cigarette. There will come a man in the flesh like you. The Saint Elijah will come. Excerpt from the Word of God from 08-10-1972. … Amen amen amen I speak to you: repent For the kingdom of heavens is near. Amen amen amen I speak to you: repent For the flight of those not repented is near who will flee to the mountains. Woe to you unbelievers for you will cry to escape the great wrath Woe to you sinners Repent for the weeping and groaning is coming upon you. Woe to you who have part of Our words and have not repented Woe to you who have feasted at My table and 1 Latin Vulgate has “rapiemur” from which the English word “rapture” is derived. 2 God’s Word in Romania 3 Translated by I.A.

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The rapture of the Church 2 have not left the wicked sins I am speaking to you Israel Capernaum to you I am speaking: remove uncleanness from you. I sit at the table with you I stay in seat with you but you Israel and Capernaum are not cleansed of dirt. The time and day is coming when you do not enter My little room any more to sit at My table. Remove the uncleanness abomination and sin for the curse is coming upon those who commit sin it is coming. If four are in a house and two are clean two will join together and bless each other and the other two will give each other to death. Excerpt from the Word of God from 04-08-1973. Oh My little people I wait for you to be prepared for when I see you prepared every- thing is over. For today I would take you but you will not be able to get into My kingdom for if your wife got sick and you took her to the hospital it meant that I wanted to cleanse her and you brought her sweet and good food. Oh My people o sons sons when should I prepare My people if you do not want to know that all are from me You become ill and have been always taking things to be healthy but you do not want to know My signs which I make for you. Excerpt from the Word of God from 11-12-1973. There comes God Who you have not seen or heard speaking by word of mouth but only by this word. There come the fathers and the ancestors. They do not go to those in the taverns or to those who spoil God’s plan but they will come to you who are written into the book. Then there will come our brothers the cherubim and seraphim and there will come thou- sands and millions as well they will come to you earthly Jerusalem to take you up with them. Excerpt from the Word of God from 21-07-1974 … My children My flowers the time is coming the angels to pick you up for it is written in the Scriptures that the earth will be for a while without its nature. Where will it be then My children keep your life for the fire is coming on earth and it will be given only to the man who stuffed his body with tobacco and drinking. See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire 4 ” r.n. Excerpt from the Word of God from 08-09-1974. … It is being prepared a place for My people between heaven and earth for here on earth everything is willed to destruction. You do not know. The earth and all the plant stems and springs will be dried up. Deprive yourselves of your limbs put them away sons at least to suffer My little children and teach one another to know the signs of the end. Even the infant in the arms should know the signs of the ending and teach the children to know the days by heart and let not your neighbors hear your children crying for hunger. Let it be known that today is a godly day and each one needs to live in the spirit. The feasting days were not made 4 You can also see on:

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The rapture of the Church 3 now Monday was not made now not now was made Wednesday and not now was made Friday. … Sons all of you should know that the time of death came to the world for the world fell into great transgressions. Babylon the great city will be dressed in morning clothes. … My little children where do you put your feet they will be taken and you will go into another land and there a bridge will be made so that the believers may stand during the plagues which will be poured out. Excerpt from the Word of God from 15-09-1974. … There has been prepared a place for My people between heaven and earth for here on the earth everything is given to destruction. You do not know it. This earth will dry up and the whole stock of the plants and springs will get dry. Make no use of your members sons do not use them although you may suffer. My children teach one another to know the signs of the end. Moreover let even the child in your arms know the signs of the end and teach the children to know the days of fasting and that your neighbors may not hear them crying or suffering from hunger. Let one know by oneself that today is a godly day and that each one has to live spiritually. The days of fasting have not been made now the world has not been made now Monday has not been made now Wednesday has not been made now Friday has not been made now. See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving 5 ” r.n. … My little children wherever you go on your feet it will be taken from you and you will go on another earth and a bridge will be built for the believers to stand in the time of the plagues that will be poured out. Excerpt from the Word of God from 25-09-1974. … Israel be faithful for you will hear the Lord’s voice: “Come up Christian after Me” And if you do not have faith then you will not have the courage to go. Israel you will hear the voice of the trumpet not like the voice of today. The song of alphorn will sing to wake up the dead from their sleep. Israel son many of you will have slept deeply without God and you will come to Me and say that you were with Me Israel and then I will tell you: “He who saw Me coming that one is with Me.” Excerpt from the Word of God from 19-10-1974 … Not even the sky will be left. The space will change and the sky will melt away. It is only you who remains the one who are with God and you will not know where you will be going for it is a mystery. You will hear only: “Come up here” Excerpt from the Word of God from 30-01-1975. … My little children I came for you from the holy heaven to prepare you to be holy and be taught. Wash away your spirit and your body for you will come to Us with your body and your spirit. This work is very great for those who listen to Me. This richness belongs not 5 You can also see on: ving.pdf

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The rapture of the Church 4 even to the smartest of the kings. Put your hand and take My kingdom so that this work may be forever sons Do not expel and do not banish God’s work from you. If you only hear that many are in hell as Judas is. Excerpt from the Word of God from 03-04-1975. … Lord Jesus is decided to lift you up from the earth while the world is being cleansed through sufferance by many not only by one. Do not forget My words for many times I have heard when you said: “I have forgotten Lord.” It is an outrageous sin. Keep in mind these words for the devil stole them from you. Do not forget and do not lose any of the words for with a single word you will ransom a great many souls for no one of your fathers and forefathers were watered as you were. Excerpt from the Word of God from 21-02-1976. … All the devils have come out on earth and are planning to make this world sin for these sins which they are doing today into this country had been made in Sodom and Gomorrah and had been made in the time of Noah. See the selection topic: „As in the days of Noah 6 ” r.n. If you listen you will not see the destruction of this world for the Lord will take you. Excerpt from the Word of God from 07-09-1976. … In 1995 when I came down on earth with the Spirit there was a bunch of Christians not a big one but a little one and I rejoiced over it as over Lot and Abraham and as over Jacob and Isaac. I fulfilled a work through them that I wanted to fulfill. But with whom shall I fulfill the age and divine work For it writes in the Holy Scriptures that if I find one two or four blameless they shall escape this earth. But there is none for those who I found when I came all lied to Me all said that follow Jesus up to the gate of heaven above. But today I was left with one just one sons one to five houses with two to ten houses. And these will be caught up as Elijah and Enoch with the whole body. See the selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah 7 ” r.n. Excerpt from the Word of God from 07-01-1977. … My people My people as I have brought to My mother on the clouds of heaven those who served and loved her the same way I will bring My people to this place on the clouds of the heaven. 6 You can also see on: noah 7 You can also see on: El

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The rapture of the Church 5 … My people it will be asked about your life about your country but if only one remains he will be taken and the country will be destroyed and if there are five the Lord will make his work through them and the country will not be destroyed. Excerpt from the Word of God from 15-04-1977. … You Romanian Israel little and little and we will move on from this earth for God had decided to cleanse it. We will move above the earth. Not up there very high. Above so that the fire which will burn it and the water which will wash it may not reach it. See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan 8 ” r.n. Excerpt from the Word of God from 20-09-1977. … God does not leave you but takes you away. How You will not know. The na- tions from all parts will look and see you no more. God puts a sign at your house and no one will break anything and the Lord will clean it but you only My beloved do not let the evil spirit in your heart for the Lord will leave you when the evil spirit is with you. There will be not more time for the Lord to take the evil spirit out. There was a time for the whole age what the Lord did for all. Pray all the time so that your name may not be erased from the book of the Lord. … Be careful for you are the most hated by the world. The animals are liked mostly by the world but you are hated by it. Nowadays the world does not love you either nor the king nor parents nor relatives and it is as in the days of Elijah as in the time of Moses all hate you and that is why you will be taken up and the world will be destroyed. Excerpt from the Word of God from 24-11-1977. … Do not be like the world not even a as a grain of mustard. If you saw something at you and the world has it too throw it. Son let it not be seen that that tiny thing stops you on the way to heaven. You will look to your left and to your right and there will be no one to take your side for that tiny thing is a considerable sin for you do not know when the trumpet sounds and It will be told through His trumpet See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets 9 ” r.n. and you will not see anything and the little angel will come and tell you: „Come up here for the earth will be only fire.” Be faithful for I speak only what it is in the book but you do not know where I speak from for you do not read. I do not speak from the middle of it or from the beginning but I speak from the last leaf in the book. And get yourself clean Christian so that you may be also lifted up. 8 You can also see on: rusalem_-_The_New_Canaan.pdf lem-the-new-canaan/ 9 You can also see on: lyptic_Trumpets.pdf

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The rapture of the Church 6 Excerpt from the Word of God from 19-12-1977 … Man will eat another man lord will eat another lord and they will chew as the cattle chew the grass Do you believe this Sons that is why you are required: wash your feet to each other in order to be clean to be able to be saved for there will come a little ship to take you up from this earth and it will take you where are many spirits. And there you will stay and see with your eyes the destruction that will fall on the world but the world will not see you. See the selection topic: „The great tribulation 10 ” r.n. Beyond this world is good weather however beyond this. There will be one Shepherd and one flock following Him how- ever beyond this not here that is beyond this world. Excerpt from the Word of God from 03-02-1978 … My little children on this trip I have been taking a beautiful walk. My little children in a very little while we will see each other again. Go to sleep with the thought at the happiness that awaits for you. Go to sleep with the thought at the heavenly kingdom at your relatives that wait for you for no one waits for this day it is like a train sons. Do you believe that And the train goes on a little while and then will stop. And the car too it goes on a little while and then will stop. And the plane too in a little while will stop. And all the breath will stop. Do you see the world Do you see this vineyard It is now and there will no longer be but it will be dry and bare. Do you see this human creature how it eats how it drinks and carouses and it does not think about its death There is still a little bit and you will see it as pale with terror in its face as a pumpkin. Let he who has wisdom understand this. There will be no man with illness for no one gets out of this illness because there will no longer be doctors there will no longer be priests or alms-giving and he will lie down like wax. The tallow will flow from it like wax and stink out the fields it will stink out the lands but you will no longer be for the Lord’s hand will rapture you and lift you up above the earth so that you will not smell their stench. Come to your senses for behold everything is changing with every passing day. You will have brothers you will have a mother you will have sisters who will leave you and you should pray so that their leave may not be to their destruction. Excerpt from the Word of God from 13-06-1978 … There is no priest there is no prophet and there is not a prophecy that the gun might have not fired at. This moment in which you are is the last one when it is written that in the last times I will come back to you and will take the one who is mine to Me. I will separate the sheep from the goat I will separate the lamb from the wicked sheep. Do not depart from Me for the time is coming when the iron would be broken the stone would be broken the wood would be broken and you would not be broken if you are with Me. Excerpt from the Word of God from 11-09-1978. … Listen My people listen to this teaching of God. Clear out your way for the Master is coming to take you in His boat as he took Noah to pass you the Danube which is deep wide and mixed up with the blood of the martyrs. Excerpt from the Word of God from 10-02-1979. 10 You can also see on:

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The rapture of the Church 7 … The wreath for the deeds no one has received it. The saints go and ask: “How long is it Lord” “Go to your places for until those from the great tribulation do not come we will not share the gifts.” This is what the Lord says: “You will be the one from the great tribulation whom the heaven is waiting in state. Excerpt from the Word of God from 03-09-1980. … My beloved ones I am taking you in My boat and I am passing you to the dear bank and if you are well prepared the boat does not shake it floats smoothly smoothly. Keep in mind that the earth will burn and the Lord will gather you somewhere and you will only look with your little eyes where no harm will touch you and you will be the testimony for all. Excerpt from the Word of God from 17-12-1984. … Your little eyes will see when I will make the gathering what will say those who were called first. Two will be in one house I will take one and I will leave the other. When they see this it will be much mourning This turned away back hurts Me very much but they are not hurt because they turned their back to their well-being. However those that I have will cry and for them too: “Lord turn them back too Whip their back to feel the bitterness and that they may turn back in fear.” Excerpt from the Word of God from 01-05-1989 Well sons that is why you are sick you are sick because you have put on clothes that I do not know because you have touched the things that I do not know the things from the nations of the earth and you have forgotten the holy things. I told Israel not to wear ornaments on his body and he bedizened his house with empty ornaments and it makes My Spirit tired when I stop in the house of My Christian. However I started a holy foundation and holy and heavenly humility and you should receive well sons the heavenly exhortation which I give you for Israel. Dress up with holiness and humility you and your houses you and your sons and put on a holy appearance and do no longer work to trick yourself out for it is not beautiful well sons. Take out from you and that what is on you and in your houses and put away the empty glory. Your empty glory is not beautiful sons it is tiresome for the eye for the soul and for My Spirit Who dwells in you or near you. Work what I worked and how I worked through the world. Behold that is why I have made My word come down so that this tent may take being where I am sitting in council with My people today Ro-Emaus Târgovişte r.n. to get you used to work at what I worked to work heaven sons heaven on earth and then to breathe it everywhere. Let us all have one will one way one table one heavenly wealth well sons for there comes a time even sweeter if you are listening now for a few days. The time is coming to enter life well sons. I always bring you this life that is coming but Lot’s Sarah has got her likeness in you and she does not let you look at the time of joy that I bring with Me. You are destined not to see the evil which comes over the world as the prophet Jeremiah’s disciple did not see the fall of Jerusalem in the time of old. You are kept in My arms and at My bosom. Oh and how many of you try to get away from My bosom Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people from 21-08-1994 I am the Lord the One Who fills the earth and heaven with the voice of My word but who you Christian hears Me For no one has ears to hear the world has no faith in the work of

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The rapture of the Church 8 God the one from the beginning and end the one of the seven ages and more and here this prophecy of seven times was fulfilled and if it was fulfilled it was ended and I started from the beginning to place cleanness on earth to place a new man on earth the man born of the word. I do not place a made-man but this time I place a man born by the word. I count again from the beginning I only count a little a little bit and a bit and then I do not count any more for the time will roll and it will not called time any more. Well sons since when has the time begun to be counted Behold I tell you a mystery today that the time has been counted by man and its counting began after the man had been placed on the earth after I had taken the man out of Eden and after the man had received knowledge father. The man was otherwise in Eden not as he is now sons and the man in Eden is a great mystery. That is why I have always come and asked you son of today not to seek to know anything about those from the earth any longer about those of the man for the man was otherwise in Eden and he did not know what the man on the earth knows. The man was created otherwise not as he is now. And only after he became otherwise than he had been in Eden only after that it came for the man to count and he has been counting his time he even counted his time in Eden but after that father after he tasted from those that were forbidden the man knew what God knew. The time you sons has been counted starting with the getting of man out of Eden and here one is the law of paradise and other is the law of man on earth and great mystery carries this stone on which you are placed by the word and in your stone is carved Verginica My last trumpet. Verginica it is your stone and on this foundation it is written ‘ending’ over the time of man sons. It is hard to understand as it is in heaven even for you it is hard to understand for you are still on the way and because I still continue My way to the visible coming. In heaven you sons it is not spoken the same way. For with the heaven there is another law it is a law of heaven with the ones in heaven who received their soul and body as in heaven. This mystery is difficult and deep but we are on its way sons and we will reach its end and it will be discovered and the Scripture for the redemption of the bodies will be well-known the Scripture one from Eden eternal and unshakable for the Eden is waiting the ones on the last who have the key from God. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the holy Virginia from 14-12-1994. My people you may know son for today you are required to work well and not in any manner. You should know son for you need today great love to have God in you and to be clothed with God for the time is coming for Me to set you a table through the word for man will not need food any more on earth. The time is coming to do as Elijah did with the widow’s flour and oil and you will be rich in oil and bread for the world will get into the pay of the vanity and then it will also grow on earth heavenly wheat holy wheat on holy ground. Make haste Israel press on Christian to that holy land which remains before Me with the new heaven above it and with My glory towards light seven times brighter then now. Chris- tian I do not tell you fairy tales and you do not think that I spread fairy tales to you son. We have to redeem the earth and the dead on it and all these will be worked out by the word as in the beginning. In the beginning I made all by the word and so it is at the end but in the end man will see all the glory of God and the man the one born from Me will be far above of all love into My hand and he will play into My hand for My hand will be a cradle of eternal love for the man the one at the end who listened to My word so that he turned into a new man after the likeness and image of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. In My man the one from the end all My glory will rest and this glory will be seen by the man without God’s love See the selection topic: „The glory of God 11 ” r.n. 11 You can also see on: glory-of-the-God

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The rapture of the Church 9 Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the holy kings Constantine and Hellene from 03-06-1995. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive Israel Israel what does this mean one body Soon you are to answer what this Scrip- ture is about. He that is joined to a body of a prostitute is one flesh with her as the Scripture says: «They both shall be one flesh». He who is joined to Christ is one body with Christ you and Him one body. My people the first time is coming not lusting is coming on the earth. The man that does not sin anymore is coming on the earth. Christ is coming sons He is coming. I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I became one flesh with you My people. He that is one flesh with Me can no longer sin. He that is not one flesh with Me becomes one body with the sin. Elijah the prophet had no lusting in his body and that is why he had so much power in word and deed. Israel you should not look to get an answer from your body to save your soul from the condemnation of the sin. The body does not sin until its mind gives to it the conceiving of the sin in the body. Turn your mind into heaven to have God in it son from the end as all the heaven has to come down in you and on the earth through you. The heaven comes to an end too as it is written and it will come down upon you when its dwelling and waiting will come to an end it will roll up like a scroll and it will be given to you son of God from the end. I come with the clouds as it is written. The clouds also come with Me and they remain with Me upon you and in you. And why do the clouds also remain with you So that you may have son something to take you into the invisible ones to be taken as I am on the clouds and with the clouds. If I come I come with everything I have I come to take you with Me I come for you to take Me with you and both to stand before the Father with this kingdom of new heaven and new earth as it was in the beginning. Who has ever heard that such a little accomplishment which is within your reach to fulfill may hinder you And if you do not want to fulfill the entire preparation who has ever lost what you are to lose son called and elected to stand before Me on My coming Be faithful Israel as it is not enough if you are called and chosen. The faith perfects you it makes you to be complete. Without it you do not do everything that is to be done. That is why I declared in your time: „So great a faith like yours has not been heard through the ages”. The one with a clean heart that cannot escape and wants to be with Me I save him with My angels but I leave the one that takes Me jokingly. «One will be taken and the other will be left». Take a good look that this prophecy is seen into My work. He that is left is the one that gives up My work the skin that I gave you within this time. He that is taken is the one who goes with Me and with My word to the place where the heaven meets the earth in view of waiting for those who will finish their way well. Go Israel go Go with Me on the way even if you do not see the way with your eyes as the day is coming so that the world may see that you have My way under your steps. You do not have to see it. The unfaithful one has to see it Elisha the prophet did not see with his eyes the heavenly host ready for battle for him and for his escape but Gehazi saw the chariots and the heavenly host the disciple looked towards the Lord at Elisha’s request and believed into the word of Elisha’s faith. The Lord God of Israel has spoken to His people. Amen amen amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Saint Elijah the prophet from 02-08- 1995. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive

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The rapture of the Church 10 The world says that it waits for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the age that is to be but where does man think when he says something like that I am coming to show the man to see what he says when he says this. I have always come to you Romanian Israel to speak from you the word over every man on earth and I will come with the day when I will shake the heaven and the earth at My voice which will speak from the clouds over every man as I speak over My little garden over My Canaan in which I become milk and honey from heaven on earth. Excerpt from the Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent of the Orthodoxy from 16-03-1997. If gifts from God will flow over the entire earth all and everywhere are partly taken and given. But with you sons of the New Israel I am the whole measure. I give you little by little and I become wholly with you for the opening of the Scriptures of My second coming on the earth with people. And when I am with My entire fullness poured out on the earth among you those who receive Me as word from heaven then everything that is written into the Scriptures have come true so that it might be fulfilled jota by jota and then I come visibly for the beginning of the visible eternity. And on that day there will be neither caves and nor rocks of hiding for those who will try then to hide from the face of My coming from the face of My day a day of joy for those who have been waited for Me and a day of wrath for all those that are not faithful. Then the false prophet and the beast in the hiding the antichrist who is hiding in God as he says the beast with seven heads and ten horns which he deceived the world with will have no room and it will lie on the sand of the sea instead as it is written about the house which is built on sand for My church is built on a stone foundation and I am its rock the Christ of the Father with My life in the sons of My church. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the great saint martyr Gheorghe Saint George from 06-05-1998. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive Israel Romanian Israel let no sons of yours be in you that do not know how to believe in God how to have God and how to bring God among the people. You are covered in a great mystery My people. The day in which your bodies will be in glory and when you will be en- shrouded by the glory which comes from heaven as the cloud of the Lord’s glory came over Me and enshrouded Me in the day of the ascension of My body in glory. Oh sons who overcame the world and the spirit of the world. It is written into the Scriptures that after the dead are resurrected those alive will be taken up and all will be together with the Lord meeting each other. Those who overcame the world within their body will be taken up into the clouds and will meet the Lord in the air and they will be forever with the Lord with the new heaven and with the new earth and with the holy justice which is coming with the Lord. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s ascension from 28-05-1998. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive Woe to the man who spoils My words and that one has as food the tree of death the forbidden tree the tree which stops the man from walking on God’s way and the man sub- jected to death bears fruit. The man who bears man from the woman is a man that eats of the tree of death as the first man did losing the life of Eden the life

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The rapture of the Church 11 without sin. See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman 12 ” r.n. I said this to the man: «Of every tree of the heaven you may freely eat but from this you shall not eat: for you will die when you eat». But the man ate and has no longer had eternal life from that moment on and since then the man that came out of the man has always been eating from the tree of death and the man is a tree of death the fruit of the forbidden tree the tree which God told the man about: «You shall not eat of it». But I said to My apostles: «Not all know this mystery but only those that it is given from God to know». Oh the man fled from the gift of the eternal life and I came two thousand years to pay for him before My Father so that I may give the man life if he wants it. But today the man flees from this gift likewise as the man loves the fruit of the tree of death the man loves the woman and does not love God. But who knows this Who is to tell the people what they eat and what they feed on Who is to tell them about the tree of life which was let on earth from heaven so that the man may come to resurrection and then to the tree of the eternal life The resurrected man is the man who does no longer sin receiving in him the angels. My word is an angel sent from heaven upon the people to let them know about My coming after two thousand years after seven thousand years. Oh sons of the people hear My word of today is called the seventh angel into the Scriptures I and My word. Oh sons of My people everything has come to an end I ful- filled all My mystery written in the Scriptures. Everything has come to an end I have nothing for you anymore. I sent all that I had to send for your coming back. I sent upon you the last calling the voice of the seventh angel My word of today served by the angels. Hear what the Word said: everything has come to an end Amen amen amen. I have sent from beginning to end everything that was written to for the man. And everything that I had to do for the man’s salvation came to an end. Now a reward for each deed is written into the Scriptures. Amen. The false prophet who arises from everywhere and proclaims peace between Me and the man who goes on sinning this false prophet is the reward for the deed of the man departed from God as it is written in the Scriptures: «When they will speak peace then My wrath will suddenly come and will catch everyone under it». The false prophet arose and posed as the reconciler between God and the man that sins on and on worshipping the idols of this age which are: eating and drinking marriage and given in marriage and all that come out from these as the fruit of the tree of death. The false prophet poses oneself as God’s friend before the people but I bring him to light and tell him that he is not My Friend but rather he is My enemy like the first man who overthrew My seat from him so that he might seat and to eat from the forbidden tree the tree of death which killed the man. See the selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism 13 ” r.n. 12 You can also see on: woman 13 You can also see on: ecumenism/

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The rapture of the Church 12 Sons prepare the way of My word prepare the peace of My word upon you prepare a dwelling of the Holy Spirit in you to be forever in you. Amen amen amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Synod of the saints archangels Michael and Ga- briel from 21-11-1998 The antichrist does not work against Me for he cannot because I am God in heaven and on earth. He works against him and he dig his own abyss for he is on the earth and he is feeble for himself and for every man for he is in the darkness as his light is falsehood not light. Soon soon the light made by him will be put out by his own hand. When he will get up to come down from heaven as he says that he will do then My angel will take fire from the fire of My glory and will throw it down on the earth and the light made by the hand of the antichrist man will catch fire. Then everything of the man’s work will come to an end and the wisdom gathered by the man will be put out and the man will say that he does not see it any longer and that he does no longer know it as it was fabricated and it was not wisdom a fabrication wiser than the man more industrious than the man for the haughty man made it. I worked out wisdom out of the word not out of iron not out of black oil not out of gold and silver and not out of lying. When I made the heaven and the earth I made them both of the word but when I made the man I made him with the word and then My hand accomplished the godly word and then My Spirit breathed over the clay and the clay became a man with a living soul. But the man made iron with a living soul to the death of his soul for it is written: «It was given breath to the image to speak it was given to breathe spirit to the image of the beast to speak as it said to those on the earth to make an image to the beast”. The man does no longer need an angel. Why should he be in need of an angel His angel is television it is the computer it is the flying disk which is called UFO Unidentified Flying Objects r.n. not angel. Behold everything will come to a stop at My last trumpet which is My angel the seventh angel who sounds. I speak to you sons from the garden to you and to My little people. I put My seal on your forehead. I bow down to you and I kiss your forehead with My mouth with My word so that the seal may remain on your foreheads and to bring with it the death of the lying man which lies against God. I mark your little houses with My seal of the living God and I will put a sign on your foreheads for My angel will sound soon soon so that the living may die and for the dead to come to life those that are alive who have no God to die and the dead who have God to come to life. See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead 14 ” r.n. In the beginning when you came to Me I put My seal on your forehead and I kissed your forehead so that I may seal the seal of My angel on you and so that satan may be afraid of you and the antichrist who worships the image of the beast may also be afraid. My angel has been breaking satan down from beginning to this day. My angel is My light from before the light. He was the one who covered Me when I was the forerunner of the 14 You can also see on:

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The rapture of the Church 13 people of Israel in a pillar of fire and in an image of a cloud covering My people. My angel wrote My commandments with his fire on the Mount Sinai when My word was speaking on Moses. My angel became the fire which overcame the man’s fire and took out those from the burning fiery furnace unharmed. My angel carried Habakkuk to Daniel when he went hungry into the dens of lions. My angel stood before Balaam to stop him to curse My people. My angel took Peter My apostle out of the chains and out of the prison the angel of the Lord the last trumpet. I speak again and again to you about this mystery which is called the angel of the Lord. The angel of this work which was and which is with you is My angel the angel of the Lord. The angel of Verginica was and is My angel the angel of the Lord. The angel of this garden and yours is the angel of the Lord the voivode and the archangel Michael. Amen amen amen. He is My angel who worked for Israel drowning the Egyptians and overcoming the Canaanites strengthening Moses and Aaron Joshua and David and Me the Lord as well the Lord served by angels. He is My angel which worked for you taking you out of the world and overcoming the world from you and strengthening you for Me for the Lord. Sons I tell you another mystery: My angel will cover you when the judgment will be sounded for the world and for the dead the resurrection. You will look and you will not be able to see the world and neither will the world be able to see you the world that will run after you. But I will cover you with My angel as he covers Me the Lord. When I started My work through Verginica I said this: „When the earth will be set on fire My faithful ones will not burn. When everything will be broken down they will stand for they have My seals and My kiss on their foreheads for the faithful ones are My share and they do not forsake My way with them for they have My angel with them”. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s welcoming Candlemas from 15-02-1999. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive Behold on the day past we were with you in a word of Epiphany and now I am staying again with you and giving you comfort to urge you further to comfort children sons. Two thousand years ago I became a man just like you. I need comfort because I became like you to give you comfort and you should give Me comfort too. I stay with you in all things and I will stay even more if you could feel Me more if you comforted Me sons if you could get more comfort with Me and from Me. I want to come to this comfort: to come and to stay always with you and I want to learn this eternity by staying within its mystery to comprise us suddenly for eternity for this is how the eternal life will come. Amen. Your hunger for it brings it to you and it will comprise you within it forever and many from those below will seek after you then and they will no longer see you because you will be embraced within those from above which are not seen by those who are with those from below. Oh this is what I want: to come more and more to you to stay more and more among you and then to remain with you always comprised within the mystery of eternity within the mystery of para- dise the mystery of comfort. Amen. See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salva- tion - the mystery of incorruptibility 15 ” r.n. Behold what a great mystery My word upon you is. The greatest mystery between heaven and earth among those that are seen and those that are not seen is My word that speaks with man and the man that speaks with My word with Me children sons. 15 You can also see on:

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The rapture of the Church 14 … I have brought to you the clarification of the mystery of comfort. The mystery of the paradise is the word that is the comfort that comes from the word. The word is the love from paradise between Me and man and without word there is no love. Amen. Love is only from the word and the work of love is the comfort itself the word which has in it the mystery of the comfort between Me and man between man and Me and between man and man. Amen amen amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the Saint John Baptizer from 20-01- 2001. Oh if I do not have any man to settle down within Me I cannot do My work prophesied through the prophets. If My mother the Virgin had not kept her great love for Me and for My house in her how could I have made My coming among the people through her The Love of God is the guard of the heart and it is the virginity of the heart for virginity has to be protected by its love and the love for it is the love of God in the heart of the man. The man should not only do My will and My word not only this but he must also be on fire with love for the love is the fire which burns and is not put out. Only the fire that burns is not put out. In My mother the Virgin the fire of love was burning and it was no longer put out day and night and I was living continually in her and by it she was protecting herself within the virginity of her heart which gives virginity to the young body and keeps it in Me and for Me. He who gives himself to Me as a house needs to have Me in his house but the Christian of today has no fear of God he has no fear without God and stays without God and is not afraid to stay like this. However I give the good news onto the man today and say: take care of you man and take care of My dwelling in you and give yourself to Me so that I may see you for there is no salvation without Me. The Christian has to settle down into My hands all the time by My order established between Me and man. With his good and bad things the Christian has to settle down into My working hands and he has to do this all the time with love and longing and to receive from Me the blessing and remission from his weak things for the Christian is not Christian otherwise and I do not know him otherwise and I cannot have him as My son otherwise and he is not Mine otherwise. However the man’s carelessness is great and the man keeps his soul not given to Me all the time. Behold the one who does not know to give oneself to Me does not do it. The one who does not want to give oneself to Me does not do it and he remains within him and does not come to Me if he remains within himself. But I come soon and I will no longer find anyone on earth because I take the man from somebody’s hand if I take him at all. And if he does not give himself always to have him he remains not taken and here are the Scriptures which say: «One will be taken and another will be left». Oh the man has no one to whom he may confess his life all the time so that I may have where to take him from and to have him. I do not longer have confessors on earth to give the man to Me by their work of counselors. If the confessor is not spiritual day and night he cannot be useful to Me or to the man. … Take care of you man of My being in you and give yourself to Me to see you well by your sight upon you and then to clean you of yourself and then to fill you up with Me and then to be in Me and I in you for you cannot be in Me until I am in you. I come soon soon and you are not to be taken and not to be left for when I come I take for salvation the one who has Me in him and My seal in him and I do not take the one that does not have these. I leave him if he is not. I leave the one who does not want to be. But I want him to be and that is why I give him the good news of his resurrection through My death and resurrection and through My table of supper with him after the resurrection as I did two thousand years with My disci- ples whom I gave the supper of the resurrection the eternal food My table spread out forever. Amen.

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The rapture of the Church 15 … Peace sons Peace to those who love the way of My coming in order to come for it is by their resurrection that I come. Amen amen amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Annunciation from 07-04-2001. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive Oh Jerusalem I grow with the word upon you. I multiply the blessing from Me. I mul- tiply your bread and water peace and power My people. I multiply your faith and love for God and I work upon them to be to My pleasure as I do no longer have a place to take faith and love from the earth according to My will. I increase your power within all My things for I have great work with you Jerusalem because I have told you son that you will be the height on which I will appear over the earth to call the man to My will and to My way as only My way will remain My people. Oh do not become sad that I have put you to work at My way and will. My way has to remain renewed from foundations and I need a new man with whom to work as the old man is like an old skin and it bursts out no matter what I put in it and it cannot hold anything. Every man on earth works only for himself and for those coming out of him. Every man is bound on his way from dawn to dawn but I kidnapped you and I have taken you away within Me My people. I was not went out with you over the world when I was telling you that I would do unspeakable miracles with just a little bunch of people and glorify Myself through them on earth and that I would come to the end with them for My entire work for My entire coming. There has not been any word that I spoke and not fulfill it and it all of My words will be fulfilled. You are this fulfillment you are the people that listen to the Lord and My word is upon you for you to fulfill it completely. That is why I have given you thousands of angels to help you and they serve you as they serve Me Jerusalem son. Which father has and does not give everything to his son And in the same way I give you. I give you for I have and no one has as much as I have for I and everything that is are eternal and you are the dearest of what I have and the Father and My mother love you and the whole eternal heaven loves you too for I have told you that you will the dearest one and man will give all his gold on you to have you. However you are Mine and you are the most valu- able in heaven as on earth because this was My word and it is fulfilled. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the sixth Sunday after Passover of the blind man from 20-05-2001 I make My way to you. From the sigh of the saints I catch victory for you and for them and I feed you on the river of life but learn well the mystery of the river of life My people. I have taught you to be selective as far as your food on your table concerns and not to eat any mixed food for the man of the world who seeks after Me has become a wastebasket in which he gathers all that he hears from the people about Me. However I kidnapped you and I do no longer know how to keep you and protect you and how to teach you not to drink from any- where but from My hand for that is why I gave Myself to be your Shepherd now in the end. There is great trouble on earth. My house My garment My necklace My glory My name My gate My door My voice and My book have been stolen from Me. The man has taken glory upon him and he has put Me into the darkness. But you are not to take from anywhere for this is the time of the whitewashed prophets who do not wash away of themselves and they rather wash only their bodies with good smelling soaps and this is only to allure the man. However I kidnapped you from the way of destruction and I have taught you to close the door and to hide until destruction passes away that is the man with his whitewashed face who calls himself the man of God. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the birth of Saint John the Baptizer from 07-07-2001. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive

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The rapture of the Church 16 Oh My people the laws of life flow from Me over the earth and you are the riverbed on which I come. That is why I come out with you and the man learns to know that you are My people that he sees you with Me and not with him and not with his world. When the world comes to you to see you it comes because I call it. I and not you. I call it and I give it food from My table with you and I make it rejoice with a holy joy over My table with you and I call it to life but its worries pull it back to them and it is hard for the world to come to life. I put you into the midst of the world to show it that it can and that it does not want to do it. When I came and became Man from man like the man I did so to show the man that he can and that he does not want to. Now when I have settled you down before Me and before the world to do My will I did so to show the man that he can but he does not want it. You are the sign that I have given to the world before the great day of My appearance when I will stand in the clouds of My coming with the saints above the world and when you will be lifted up near Me in the clouds to meet Me My people. See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man 16 ” r.n. Oh world and world again Oh world adorned with the ornaments of your vainglory I give you so that you may be able to see. Amen. When you see that I establish a people into your midst to see it when you see that I prepare it in My holy laws and when you see that My love and its love dwell together in its midst when you see My holy fellowship with it when you see its food its little garment and little house and all that it has to its likeness with Me you should know and understand and then to believe that I the Lord am at the door and come. Amen. This is the sign that I have given you until I come. This is the messenger that I have sent to you to let you know that I come. Amen. I am the righteous One and I do not take you by surprise with My coming. Moreover I also call you at My table with My disciples of today and I release My word of life on you to let yourself be seized by it. However you have been taken away by the worries of your life and you do not want My life. There is still a little while and you will want My life too but it will be then far away from you. I still wait for you. I will be waiting for you for an hour and then I will no longer wait for you. I am the Man Who comes from the Father to you the Man Who comes from heaven after the man to draw the man to the Father. If an angel would come after you you would say that you do not really understand. I am the Man Who is made from the Father in the man and I took the image of the first created man his image and his likeness before his fall from God and this is how I came and this is how I have come and every eye will see Me when I come so that it may not be any perplexity and it will not be for where the Lord is He is within all His wisdom in heaven and on earth and I will show My sign to know that I am for I will lift up My prepared people and I will stand with it in the clouds in your sight oh world which are slow in coming And then you will understand that I was in your way with My word and that you did not want to know Me and that you did not even want to come and that you did not want to wait for Me to come so that I might take you into My bosom. However I still wait for you. I will be still waiting for you for one hour and then I will no longer wait and I will stand in the clouds and 16 You can also see on:

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The rapture of the Church 17 I will call out My people to come to Me in the clouds to meet Me in your sight for My truth. Amen amen amen. … Now I use the heavenly powers at work near you to prepare the glory of the heaven on earth with you and the world to come and see the fire of love in which you stay and to get a warm by it. Amen. My love misses everything that will be on earth for it and you are the way on which I bring for it on earth everything of it with you. And then we will meet together in the sight of all things on the earth and we will rise above so that all may see My day with you the day when I will come to appear with you to the judgment of unbelief for this is what David said: «Lord You make the judgment be heard from heaven and the earth has feared and then it has calmed down». Amen. And now I speak ahead of time and say: May My feast with you be blessed when I will meet the man in My gardens with Me in the dwellings of your faith for I make those that are pleasant to Me on the earth at your faith sons and I can do everything through the one who gives oneself to Me completely. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the eighth Sunday after the Pentecost from 29-07- 2001. On Calameo on edocr on on jumpshare on Google Drive Oh sons of the people I teach you what true love is. In the time of Noah I looked down on the earth and I saw God’s sons seduced by the sons and daughters of the people and thus love was spoiled on earth. When I saw this I was sorry that I made the man and I told Noah to make a saving ark for him and for his sons for the sons and daughters of the people would bring about flood on earth. And it was flood on earth and the earth was full of waters and I saved God’s sons I saved them from among the sons of the people out of the flood. And what shall I do now The human kind became flood for God’s sons for the sons of the people are in abun- dance and those who are with Me are few. What shall I really do Here is what I do: I come with a table of wedding on earth. This is what I do. I call every man at My table. This is what Noah did. First he told everybody about Me and about the news for their salvation and he called them all to salvation but no one wanted to believe and to come. And then their sins brought about the flood on earth and the earth was caught under the waters with everything that was on it. However now it will be an unequalled wonder. I the Lord will lift up those of Mine and I will protect and comfort them and I will take away many as I took away My people of today with which I lay down the glory of My word on earth My coming on the way of the word. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Romanian Christianity the first day from 25-08-2001. On Calameo on edocr on on jumpshare on Google Drive Oh I let great comfort come down into My gardens and I exhort you towards them man Come and hear My voice which walks through the garden to comfort you the one who comes to the spring. Come And you should know how to come. Look at the sons of My word and learn how to come and you should love to come this way and hardly to be able to stay under waiting after I call to gather you together and then to give you for I want you to have man. What you may truly have is only what I give you. I can give you life man. I can give you life without death. I have proved that I can. If you do not believe put Me to test and I will show you that I can. If Elijah My prophet did not want to die he did not die. If Enoch did not want to die he did not die. If I did not want John to die he did not die. Oh only if you knew how many did not die And do not forget about the Scriptures which writes that a people will be in its body when I will come visibly and when I will lift it up in the clouds of My coming and I will stay in the air with it and then I will clean the earth for Me for

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The rapture of the Church 18 I made the earth to be My footstool for Me and for the man. The heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool only for the man to understand and see this truth. See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne the earth – the footstool: the man deified 17 ” r.n. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity the second day from 26-08-2001. On Calameo on on jumpshare on edocr on Google Drive Sins your song My loved Jerusalem. Learn your song and its purpose and sing to the One Who gave you life on earth and sing and you will sing forever your song from everlast- ingness the song of the bride. This is what I said: «When the branch of the fig tree becomes tender and puts forth its leave know and rejoice that your salvation has come». Amen. Oh tell Me you Jerusalem tell Me your mystery the mystery for which you have come. Tell Me My people learn it well and tell Me to see your faith and stature and your working spirit and your walking on earth. Oh My people you should go on the earth more and more beautifully more and more over it so that we may meet in the time of your walking to meet each other and embrace ourselves within glory for it is written: «They will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air and so they will be with Him forever». Amen. In the beginning the Spirit of the Lord was hovering over the waters and in the end He is hovering over you speaking over you and testifying about you My people. Tell Me New Jerusalem tell Me son your mystery. I will hear you and I will take your word into everlast- ingness. Amen amen amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the Saint John the Baptizer from 20-01- 2002. N.S. 07-01-2002 Old Style / after the Julian calendar 18 On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive My work of the word on earth is the salvation of the creature fallen from life it is the man’s coming out of the dwelling of the dead and then My visible coming in the man’s eyes for him to receive his entire nature from Me and the whole creation to receive its life before death which was installed on earth when the man died for the man made by My word and by My working hand died the man made by God died. 17 You can also see on: ManDeified 18 Old Style O.S. and New Style N.S. are sometimes used with dates to indicate either whether the start of the Julian year has been adjusted to start on 1 January N.S. even though documents written at the time use a different start of year O.S. or whether a date conforms to the Julian calendar O.S. formerly in use in many countries rather than the Gregorian N.S. The Church Calendar in Romania up to 1924 was the same as that of Nicaea based on severe apostolic canons but in 1924 the Scripture of the prophet Daniel was fulfilled: «the people made bold to even change the times» when the primate metropolitan - of that time Miron Cristea Primate metropolitan in the past a title given to the first metropolitan of a country today it would be equal to that of a patriarch introduced the Gregorian Calendar Catholic as result of a „pan-Orthodox” congress that took place in 1923 in Constantinople. At that congress the patriarch of that time Meletie proposed the acceptance of the „revised” Julian Calendar which was in accord with the Catholic one for a period up to the year 2800 and „it was allowing that all the feasts to be celebrated at the same time with those of other confessions”. «… and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High and he shall think to change the times and the law…» Daniel 7/25 r.n.

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The rapture of the Church 19 Those who do not have hope in God are sad for their life that passes because they either forget it or do not make much of Me the One Who was well pleased to be born as a man on earth to die as a man and then to be raised to life for each man who is born of man and then dies and to bring everyone back to life as it is written into the Scriptures about My calling about My descent from heaven into My trumpet to raise the dead at My calling and then they together with those who are alive in their bodies will be taken up into the clouds as I was also taken up at My ascension into heaven from the eyes of My disciples and we will meet each other in the sky and afterwards we will be together forever for this is written. However I want to teach the man to believe this. Amen amen amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the Saturday of the memorial of those who are asleep from 14-02-2004. Love one another as I have loved you and do not be otherwise for the man loves the man on earth into My name and does brotherly works into My name and the man forgets to love Me on earth as in heaven. However you should not give the love from among you on the one which has to be between Me and you because if you love only those that love you what reward will you receive Love God sons and then all of your love will be His love which does only good around you without haughtiness for he who does not love from Me loves from him and his love remains on earth. Love in Me for in you it is not as in Me. Remain in Me for you do not remain in you as in Me and after you have done so you will tell Me if those that I speak to you about are right. The love for your brothers shall not precede the love for God for the first one is attacked by the opposing spirit which is human and is not godly. Love God and He will clothe you within Him and you will be the sons of the Most High on earth and you will be the heaven on earth for I want to bring the heaven into view on earth sons and then to hide it for a few moments and I will cover you as I covered Abimelech and no one saw him under the sycamore tree which sheltered him until I raised him as a testimony of the res- urrection and of the life within God. I will cover you too for a couple of moments as the cloud also covered Me from the eyes of My disciples in the time when I went to be near the Father in secret and I will do this to make you be like Me and like My Father Who is in secret and then we will remove the veil and I will appear with all the saints from the beginning and up to you and with all the sinners on the right and on the left and I will have the saints on My right and the sinners on My left. See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way 19 ” r.n. And now by My word upon you I pray in you for the sinners to be forgiven by your intercession and to make them free starting with Adam and then with all people up to this time. Amen amen amen. I will forgive the sinners giving them according to their works first and then I will hide you but My Spirit Which is praying in you first will ask the Father for the forgiveness of the sinners from Adam and until now because Adam is crying sons. The man built by My hand is crying for all those who have been sinning without forgiveness on earth. The first man who had lived on earth almost one thousand years has been crying in the dwelling of the dead and since then he has been crying for all those who sin like him to be forgiven of their sins. Amen amen amen. 19 You can also see on: way ble_way.pdf

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The rapture of the Church 20 Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of Adam’s expulsion from Paradise from 22-02-2004. On Calameo on edocr on on jumpshare on Google Drive When I was with a sweet feast laid down in the garden of the meeting for the birthday celebration of My mother the Virgin I said that it comes quickly it comes quickly the mo- ment for every man on earth to remain in what he will have been found and I want to remind you My people to let yourself be tested by the fruit of the Spirit so that you may be established well in them and I want to remind you of the flame of the furnace in which the three young men clean in their heart by their repentance for their entire nations were saved from the fire for I sent My angels who appeared in glory and thus shining with My image and likeness and he blew coolness into the flame to protect from fire those who were punished by the unfaithful king of their time. This is how I want to protect those who let themselves into My hand those who let Me to live in them with the fruit of the Spirit and to gather them together for their salvation and to raise them for protection when the earth will receive the baptism with fire on it in order to cleanse it from the man’s sin as I cleansed the temple from merchants when I grabbed the whip and took them out from the place consecrated to God so that the place known to be God’s among all those on earth may not be mocked by the devils. And I told them for their strong protection that which is from Me and I told My disciples: «Take heed and beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees which is hypocrisy» Matt. 16:6 for it is their work their yeast. And I told them this to get them used day by day to a large place in them for the fruit of the Spirit and to protect those who were Mine My witnesses and prophets of the Holy Spirit. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Protection 20 of the Lords Mother from 14-10-2004. On Calameo on edocr on on Google Drive Through you I will protect My sheep children sons. I will shepherd them. I will strengthen the weak sheep I will lift up the sick one and the fat one I will make it breed lambs and ewes for My kingdom for the increasing of the flock which will receive salvation from My hand for the dreadful day of the Lord is coming and before its terror I will gather My sheep together into the fold for they will know My voice and will come to the pasture and will find it. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Nicholas from 19-12- 2004. On Calameo on edocr on on jumpshare on Google Drive I announce Myself at the gates and without announcing Myself I do not work for I have learned from the Father to work and to listen to Him. Amen. I come down as word on the earth. It is My coming down after two thousand years from My ascension near the Father after I became Man born of the Virgin to grow and to be crucified by the man and then by resurrection to ascend to the Father again. 20 The feast day celebrates the appearance of the Mother of God at Blachernae Vlaherna in the tenth century. At the end of St. Andrei Andrew of Constantinople Yurodivyis life he with his disciple St. Epiphanius and a group of people saw the Mother of God St. John the Baptist and several other saints and angels during a vigil in the Church of Blachernae nearby the city gates. The Blachernae Palace church was where several of her relics were kept. The relics were her robe veil and part of her belt that had been transferred from Palestine during the fifth century. The Theotokos approached the center of the church knelt down and remained in prayer for a long time. Her face was drowned in tears. Then she took her veil cerement off and spread it over the people as a sign of protection. During the time the people in the city were threatened by a barbarian invasion. After the appearance of the Mother of God the danger was averted and the city was spared from bloodshed and suffering r.n.

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The rapture of the Church 21 … I glorify Myself by the word over every man on earth for when I come I come for everybody as I also wanted to do two thousand years ago. Then I said that the time was coming for the true worshipers to worship the Father in spirit and truth as the Father does not want the man to worship God otherwise or in a special place that is here and there. And this word which I spoke this way judged them and judges the people of that time and up to this day because the people did not fulfill it and do not fulfill it but they only boast about being God’s true worshipers. Oh children through whom I speak out the word of sufferance which the hypocrite man does to Me within his heart and work How long do the people of falsehood really think that they will be able to make buildings and temples dwellings place where to worship God as they say How long really How long The earth is ready to be turned upside down be- cause of the man of falsehood who fills My Spirit with wrath. How long the man is to remain blind Where will hide all those who boast that are My teachers over the people then when I will break loose with great glory of angels and saints and of heavenly powers from this work of heavenly word before which even the invisible heaven stands with fear and awe and listen the heaven which came up from the earth grouping in hosts all those who are pleased to God from among the people and who have heard from My mouth: «Come blessed of My Father Come and inherit the Kingdom prepared for you by those that are worked on earth for Me and for those who are My little ones» See also Matt: 25/34 Where will hide all those who hide now and make hidings from buildings made by man’s hand and where they call themselves gods over people Every day I will call out more and more powerfully more mournfully and I will set you My people to sound the trumpet of My mourning over those who make it for Me and we will call out from heaven and from earth We and you until all the buildings made without God on earth without My commandment over the man will be torn down some of them by the others and still some other upon the other ones for the man’s haughtiness has filled Me with the poison which now will come back and will bite the man and all those haughty people on earth will look out for death and will not find it. And they will look for you My people but you will be in My hand and they will not find you and then I will tell them that I stayed with you before them and I sounded the trumpet of My word over them and they did not pay any attention to Me so that they could become true worshipers in spirit and truth so that I may be their God for I am the Lord of the saints and of those who deny themselves to follow Me and to be like Me as I work in the Father and like the Father. Amen. Oh you blind guides listen to My word It comes out of My mouth and it becomes a book upon you. How shall I tell you that I suffered naked and hungry and thirsty in hard- ships and weakness and as a stranger on earth and that you came and visited Me How could I tell you this when you did not give anything but you have only taken When you have not kept and grazed the flock which was wandering away from God but you have only sucked it fattening your bodies and giving each other over to outrageous sins and by which you call upon the earth and upon you fire and brimstone from heaven For you have become Sodom and God’s angels are now known by you but they will make you blind soon soon and they will take out from you those who cry for My righteousness over the earth. I have sent My word towards you My announcement My calling which calls you to worship in spirit and truth not only in garment and that is all not in houses called to be prayer houses and that is all for the true worshipers do not need praised places but they rather need a humble and repentant spirit for the forgiveness of their sins for John My Baptizer came out from the wilderness not from luxurious places and he stood on the riverbed of flowing water calling and crying for the people to come to the repentance of their sins and to their cleanings by the

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The rapture of the Church 22 baptism with water. Oh I have also been calling out for many years to you and to every man to come to My mountain of word and to hear My voice by which the earth and the heaven startles the dead from their graves and the saints in the glory and as for you by hearing you pretend that you do not hear and that you do not know. However I will not speak the same way but I will speak that you have sinned and that you have heard and that you have known and that you have had eyes and have not seen with them the glory of My humility by which I have dwelt in those you have not taken into consideration you those who call and think that you are the rulers of the world more than any other masters of it. However I tell you this: you will not escape the wrath which you have earned by your departure from God because if I being God and sinless Man I have not escaped from the wrath of unfaithful man how much more you will not be forgotten by the wrath you will have earned through your works without God on earth and by which you will have sucked the power the soul the faith and the fear of God from all the poor people who did not know the way to God the way which you covered for their way to you. Behold a fearful word for I the Lord God the Lord of the powers and the Lamb of the Father am also just as fearful as the word is fearful because of your outrageous sins and by which you filled over the brims the cup of My wrath. Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the fearful judgment remembrance from 06-03-2005. On Calameo on edocr on on jumpshare on Google Drive Oh even if it is hard and too hard to believe that I the Lord separated the ages with you the earthly one from the spiritual one and that I gave you My kingdom into your do- minion as some of My sanctified ones and saints through Me the holy One I believe in those that I prophesied by the word of My work of fifty years ago and I ask you this: be holy sons just as your Lord is holy for God carries by your little hand through the Holy Spirit in order that He may protect you afterwards from those which will soon come over the earth and that He may remain with you by His victory whose kingdom He gives to His saints as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen. … Oh wipe out My tear which cries you merciful child child gentle and merciful in your little heart Put away your weaknesses which does not come from Me in you for I said that the world is My enemy and yours and that the world has come to an end for those who are My loved and My sealed ones and I have also said that I had worked for fifty years to set My people aside for Me that will remain to Me to separate it from the world and to have it and to be able to keep it from those that are to come over the world. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the forty holy martyrs of Sevasta Sebaste from 22-03-2005. On Calameo on edocr on on jumpshare on Google Drive I have sat at a spiritual table with you My people and with a people that has freshly come at the spring and I and My mother Virgin with you have given to it from the table but you have to get used more and more fervently to work My creation in man over those who come to the spring as you have also received when you came to be with My coming of today to be its soldier. I want to have mercy on many with the gift of the holy faith so that they may get away from the deceptive trap of the bondage under the sign of the ruler of this passing age and to make them the birds of heaven for the time is coming for the little birds to ascend into heaven son to start on the earth to the whitening and cleansing of the new creation upon it as the Scriptures prophesy for the man without God tries to prolong his age and he wants to delay My work of the creation of new heaven and new earth and of the New Jerusalem. However I have from the Father work over the earth and I put on many the spirit of the knowledge of God the spirit of My word which is upon you and I want to work a gift of holy faith in many for the light on the earth is growing less and less and only the faith of the man who comes to believe into My faith only that one will remain as light on the earth and it will

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The rapture of the Church 23 shine over the margins and the man will receive in him the saving faith the faith which was in Noah and in those in his house when I the Lord washed the earth away from the sin put on it by the men’s carelessness of God in the time of Noah. What saved Noah of My wrath by which I washed away the earth as I could not do it otherwise Oh the faith in the salvation that comes from Me that and only that saved Noah. He could doubt like all other people on the earth but Noah did not do this and it is written in the Scriptures about him as a sign of the faith which saves the man from judgment for great is the man who believes in Me when I come to him and when he comes to Me within his heart asking for his salvation from Me his forgiveness of sin his sonship to Me by the power of his faith in his salvation from Me Who am so affectionate after man and for man. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Mother’s Birth from 21-09- 2009. On Calameo on edocr on on Google Drive I will ascent with you above all the human heights and I will exalt Myself from you over the nations and above the earth oh My today’s country the country of My second coming on the earth. And as for you Romanian people you should believe that man has to work only holiness then and not the flesh for man eats only flesh even when he fasts from food with flesh even then he eats food for he eats with the lust of the flesh he eats the fleshly lust in his flesh and from the flesh of other man and man eats with his body with his soul and with his spirit he eats only flesh and only spirit of flesh and there is no one to stop him from this disobedience however I am coming and teaching man as there is no one else to come after Me and teach him for the prince of this world rules over all the nations on the earth he stands against Me and rules over man and brings him into submission but I the Lord will show him soon soon his judgment again when he will see with big eyes and great terror the work which he has worked in secret through all his subjects in order to separate man from God after he had crucified God to have his only throne on earth over man he and only he alone and in such a way that man may no longer know that the Lord is the true God. I will exalt Myself with great glory by the work of My word into the midst of the Ro- manian people and I will speak up from this mountain of word and I will tell to the ruler of this world: Everything has come to an end everything that has belonged to you so that only I the Lord may be only I and those like Me. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension 13-06-2013. On Calameo on on jumpshare on Google Drive Oh sons sons the time is coming to cover you as I covered the disciple of old from everyone’s eyes and time so that he might not see the fall of Jerusalem as he was very gentle. Oh sons I want to protect what is Mine and that is why the pain catches Me for those that were and are no longer with Me for I do not go into the midst of the world. The world and its spirit are in the world and there are also all those who live being nourished with the spirit of the world and through the mouth the eyes the ears and all its senses and I cannot be there for the Lord is holy. Oh I can hardly penetrate in for the protection and the shield of those that are with Me passing through the world fomented by My work with them and I put after them a chain of angels and saints and they protect My going with them and theirs with Me for they go with My mission with My accord and they go for the troubles with which I take care of My difficult way with My word over the earth for this time when satan and antichrist reveal their darkness over everything See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast 21 ” 21 You can also see on: beast

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The rapture of the Church 24 r.n. and especially over the minds of the people and behold how much darkness is over the earth sons Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint apostle Andrew from 13-12- 2015. Oh sons I would like that you do not have any part of those that are coming over the world See the selection topic: „The great tribulation 22 ” r.n. because if you are afraid of some beneficial and watching correction upon you oh then how were you able to endure those that are written in the Scriptures to come to clean and to renew the world I would like to protect you as I protected the disciple in the Scriptures for whom his teacher prayed to Me so that I might not leave him see the fall of Jerusalem as he was very gentle and I the Lord did to him according to the prayer of the one who prayed for him and I covered and protected him with a refreshing sleep until the years of the wrath passed. Oh in the same way I have asked My Father for you those who are steadfast and obedient to do for you when you are like that. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother from 21- 09-2017. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. The sequel of this document will soon be published after the translation. You can see more documents containing the word of God: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan The apocalyptic trumpets The apocalyptic fire What defiles a man what enters or what comes out of him Enoch and Elijah Resurrection of the dead The false prophet and the ecumenism The dead hear My voice The rapture of the Church The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast About the kingdom of God The true church The great tribulation The mystery of the man and woman About fasting and almsgiving About the graven image and the sign of the cross The mystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of incorruptibility The coming in a visible way As in the days of Noah 22 You can also see on:

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The rapture of the Church 25 The Wedding of the Lamb The fearful judgment This word is the river of life He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life The Book of the Lamb The Book of Life - The Word of God 1955-2005 The glory of God The changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith The heaven – the throne the earth – the footstool: the man deified As lightning that comes from the east so is the coming of the Lord About baptism The apocalyptic white horse The following thematic selections from God’s Word will be published immediately after translation: The End of the world and the Day of the Lord

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