2017.04.21 - The Word of God at the feast of the Spring of Healing


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„Oh, this word is the spring of your healing, man wandering away from God. I, the Lord your God, have suffered from you and for you, ...”


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2017.04.21. 1 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Spring of Healing 2 I am opening My entrance I am coming into the book of My word and sharing Myself with it because I have mercy on those that do not have Me oh and the man who does not have Me does not know what he does not have however I the Lord know him because I see him naked and not dressed I see him with his head uncovered and with his breast naked and his hands and legs are into hostile hands and man lacks the wholeness which he ought to have had if he had had Me in his mind in his bosom above his body to cover him from hard time for those without garment on them before it oh and I am sharing and giving Myself so that those who are divested of Me to be able to take Me for I have mercy on those that do not have Me. I am the Lord of resurrection Jesus Christ the resurrected One and I am opening My voice to give the greeting of the resurrection to those who have gathered together around My spring of word on this day of comfort and healing and I am telling them this: Christ has risen At their arrival and departure I am telling them: Christ has risen And I am telling you too to those who open for Me to take My word and that I may give food through it and I am telling you sons Christ has risen This greeting is carried on the lips and shared on the way without wanting it even by those that do not believe in My godly being since they do not believe that God is or they do not believe in Him because they believe only in them and that is all. Oh but all the breath sends this greeting sons and I get comforted from those unreasoning more than I get comforted from man for there is a Romanian word that speaks about something that such and such a thing or knowledge stands to reason or it comes to the mind of the rooster to be understood or believed that what is put on the scales and many people think that this saying is next to nothing. Oh it is not next to nothing but there is much mystery in it for the rooster crows to God and it crows to the people as well it crows and gives the news to all the breath to wake up before Me and to praise Me from time to time during the day and night. Oh but the rooster crowed My resurrec- tion too and it crowed all My hard hours because it is faithful to the One Who made it by the word as all things that are created by God on earth. Oh the rooster has a reason the unreasoning has reason and they have for God and for faith and man should be ashamed before the rooster that crows and lets it known that the day- break has come that the times for prayer have come that evening or the middle of the night has come or that something good or evil has come too and the rooster watches and keeps his house and family of chickens and chicks and it is an example for people with its life with its tasks and it comes to the mind of the rooster the faith in God and for God more than it comes to the mind of the men who do not set to watch even when they hear the crow of the rooster oh and there are to be sorry the people who do not set to watch by their nature as the rooster made by God does to wake up to watch the people and all the creature for as soon as the rooster crows in the morning all the fowls wake up to their service of matins and fill the heaven and the earth with their songs with their language and voices full of praises to God like some creatures that know and recognize their Maker and His work He has given to them to accomplish between heaven and earth day by day always always. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2017.04.21. 2 Oh everything and all things carry from place to place the news of resurrection each in one’s tongue: Christ has risen However man has a spoken word and the man has as God has but he does not know the meaning of his language as all he unreasoning beings know that have a measure given from God about how to praise their Master and Benefactor and all make the sign of the cross when they go to sleep or when they get up and they make it either on earth or in the air with their mysterious moves praising and worshiping the Lord. However you man a king set by God over the creatures and they recognize you like that oh how much do you know Him how much do you serve Him how much do you honor Him how much do you praise your Creator the Lord your God oh and how much you man who forgets about God Oh I have mercy on those that do not have Me. The man who does not have Me does not know he does not know to have Me but when he sees that I am not in his time of trial and pain then he tries to seek Me and waits for Me to take him out of his pains and it is to every man’s nature to wait for his salvation in times of his falling in pains and this means the little part given to each man of the hope coming from above to strengthen him to be able to go through sufferance and to have hope. Oh how many unfaithful and stubborn people who were fighting against God how many of them were calling out at the end of their strength God’s name and the victory against them in battle Oh man you lack comfort and the power that comes through it in times of sufferance. It is not that you cannot have comfort but it is because you do not need it since you can do it otherwise since you can by what you do on earth according to your mind and its inclinations. Oh humble yourself in order to receive healing in your mind and to receive in it the sense of duty that you have before God the Creator of everything built by Him visible and invisible for it comes to the mind of a rooster the faith and duty before the Lord but it is not like that with your mind. The rooster goes to sleep and gets up and crows and it does his job given by God by distribution when the Lord distributed the gifts and all were done at their time how- ever do you get up for God or do you go to sleep for Him or work that what He has given you to accomplish Oh the rooster thinks man but you do not want and do not do even this because you have pulled yourself out of God’s hand and sold yourself on money. Do you hear this You sold yourself and keep on selling yourself and you look for money all the time money and the sin on money or without money. Only God’s will you do not seek to do because your mind cannot do it it does not have in it and it does not draws to the Lord. It does not know because it does not have for man has killed in himself that what God has put in him. Oh this word is the spring of your healing man wandering away from God. I the Lord your God have suffered from you and for you and you should remember this and cry out from your entire soul: Christ has risen Tell it to yourself and speak around you too about this healing news and do no longer stay in your death and ignorance like one who lost his con- science after he had fallen from his feet Oh sons who receive God every man is sick every one well sons and this because he does not have Me man does not have God as his love. The love which he has got is one of his sicknesses it is nothing else and man is sick with his love that spoils his life. Oh man do you not see how your love makes you fall and how what you love and have as dear deceives you and defiles your face Oh you call it love but I call it sickness of mind

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2017.04.21. 3 and heart fornication and a heavy burden upon people debauchery and life wasted on pleasures in vain like the sons of fornication. Oh mother Virgin you are with your feast in the calendar of My church mother See the selection topic: „The true church 3 ” r.n. and you are called the spring of healing My mother. I struggle to wake up man and I sing upon him his coming out of death his waking up to life and I sing as the rooster crows the wakening upon people mother. Oh I am blessing you with the voice of My word on your day of the feast of healing My mother. I am the Lord of resurrection your Son the Christ crucified on the cross and res- urrected from among the dead and you are full of joy for My sacrifice which hurt you so deeply and then for My resurrection which comforted you for eternity mother. Oh may it be blessed your voice healing the man from his unbelief and lack of steadfastness and now you should speak over the earth and over man on your day of the spring of healing My mother. Amen. — Oh resurrected Son Jesus Shepherd and Lord over the whole creation oh unloved God at least those who love You comfort You Lord with their love in them for You. He who does not stay near You and with You out of love oh that one does not remain and leaves he leaves because he lacks love the love for You Jesus Son. Oh sons of my Son children from His spring of word I want you to love my Son Christ. I want you to stay near Him and with Him out of love oh and I want you to take great care that your love may not die out for as soon as it goes out it is done away with and the enemy will draw you on his side. However it is not so but you need great watch sons. Therefore stay under watch and watch once with the watch upon you. Do not forget about obedience it is the fruit of love sons and then it is the fruit of salvation. Oh if someone dear to you asks you to do something for him to give something to him or her then you go and do his or her will out of burning love but if you do not do what God asks you then it is because you do not love Him man and you are not thankful for His love. And when today it has been spoken about the mystery of love oh and how much it would be for us to be received we those from heaven with this healing of man the healing of the love that has been waiting for seven thousand years after man and in man Oh I am humbling myself before those who believe in the coming of the Lord as word on earth and come to the spring to take. I offer them to perceive the mystery of love and this is not done anyhow since man knows how to love. Oh behold a rock is needed under feet for there come like a storm the occasions of falling from grace from faith and from the watch for a holy life and those who are haunted if they do not love the Lord with power they are in full peace in time of falling and keep on going further within their confusion which they do not feel that it is and they cannot stop and it has been seen that it is so it has been seen with those 3 You can also see on: https://my.edocr.com/v/rq2jmvpy/the-word-of-god-about-the-true-church https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0VNo1LgWPpsUUNaeHVjdkE4SVE/viewuspsharing http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-lord-jesus-the-word-of-god-about-the-true-church/ https://app.box.com/s/3095ejhegchplidfae4y https://mega.nz/hVtgjLJRvhg5QR1Qc82yxTW84Y2Q2EX6IrNeT3FA97Oqvlhpe4A https://docs.zoho.com/file/otj66e1273141698b4b688b1111d7b424e2c5

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2017.04.21. 4 whom satan overcame and they left the nest from here after they have despised God and the brothers for themselves. Oh Son Jesus much healing is needed over the love of those who know that they are Christians and who come to Your spring of mystery to be Yours after that however they can be Yours only if they fulfill Your entire word only then they can be Yours and otherwise pains come upon them for they know from You and do not do the will from above that is Your will Lord. And I have stayed near You as word on this day of healing of the love of those who want to love You but You have to teach them what love is to have love as Yours oh Lord Son. Amen. — Oh My dear mother the wisdom of love is with those who love Me with the teaching for their love of God. If they love Me then they do not ask Me to give them to do for them as those who pray to Me always ask to fulfill their prayers. I give them everything only to see that they love Me and they do not have to ask anything because they have Me and it is enough for them in time of joy or of in time of sufferance. Oh behold man does not love Me and that is why he keeps on asking from Me he asks from Me as from the one who loves and gives because he has love. However love does not ask from the one who is loved and this is how stand before Me those who love Me and serve to My mystery between heaven and earth in order to fulfill it entirely mother and they do no longer have another love or care. I have taken you at the bosom of My teaching and I have taught you the mystery of love because you have gathered together at the spring to take from God sons. I am giving you the greeting of My resurrection: Christ has risen Let this truth have power the truth on which My church stands and the faith of those who are born of God after that. Christ has risen In this way We are going to meet in ten days here together with you and with many others who are coming once with Us those from heaven with a great retinue. We are going to come with a heavenly spectacle and We are going to embrace with each other to be together on the third Sunday after the Holy Passover when We are celebrating the feast of the resurrection together with the prudes and the disciples of My resurrection. I wish them from above to travel accompanied by angels and to have comfort on their way and I the Lord am waiting for them full of longing to spend with them with those who seek after Me with those who follow Me. Oh peace to you to those that have gathered here at the spring on a day of healing Christ has risen Peace to you sons Amen amen amen. 21-04-2017. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://www.4shared.com/folder/G5UNqk_6/The_second_coming_of_Jesus_Chr.html

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