2014.09.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Holy Cross Ascension


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„I am telling you that God is long enduring and that man is not, and man should endure not God, for God is patient with the one who does not endure and He has long-endurance for him.”


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2014.09.27. 1 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Holy Cross Ascension 2 I am Who I am and I am the Shepherd. I am the Shepherd with the cross the Shepherd from above. It is a day of holy feast it is the day of the cross celebrated in a churchly way and it has remained to be a feast for the church when the cross on which the Jewish people crucified Me was taken out of the ground and put on the table as a testimony for Me among people so that both the great and the small might believe that the Lord came from heaven down to earth and that He overcame death in spited of the fact that men gave Him over to death everything that is to be overcome is overcome by the cross. Amen. Oh people of My word we are writing instructions into the book for the carrying of the cross. Come sons come to set My word on earth as many times as it comes and beats for the Lord to speak for everything is worked by the spoken word as this is how God worked in the beginning. Oh it is not in vain that I have prepared you to be My people now in the end of the time but to have a place ready and to have faith in you then to come and to leave on earth My word of today well sons. When I come and leave teaching on the table with you I do not do this action out of love only for you but for the whole earth for every man to whom it is given from God to find Me here and to take Me in him to obey Me then for his life so that I may be able to make man to make him God by grace to make him by My word oh sons. Oh the men’s weakness is much on earth. Men have all kinds of illnesses but the ruth- less illness is that which man lets to stay over him because of the carelessness of his soul the illness of unbelief men’s illness for the man who does not have faith or who loses his faith is more to be pitied than the animal which has the man as its master. My word was mourning My Spirit was crying in the prophets and it was saying about My people Israel: «The ox knows his owner and the donkey his master’s crib but Israel doesn’t know My people don’t consider…. They have forsaken the Lord. … They are es- tranged and backward… Their whole head is sick and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even to the head there is no soundness in it». See Isaiah: 1/3-6 I called My people by the name of Israel. People that sees God this is how I called it and it went into disbelief and got sick from it and I also told it that the animals are not as sick as the people is and behold the lack of faith is an illness for men. The man who does not eat from God does not have the Lord in him. I have told the man that he shall not feed by bread only but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God See Matt: 4/4 however he has chosen not to eat from God that he may not be- come God by grace and sit at the table with the Lord and he has chosen to remain sick instead. Oh well My people oh sons I have always exhorted you to stay under the cross and I have urged you not to cut from your cross sons. How is man able not to cut from his cross He has always cut from the cross but he does not know how this comes. Oh sons only the guilty 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2014.09.27. 2 one is under a cross. He who cuts from the cross is he who does not know and does not acknowledge his guilt but always shakes it off and says that he does not have any guilt and man has got used to it. Then he cuts from the cross in the name of justice as he says and he says this for the sake of being known as righteous of the shame of not being righteous and one like who is ashamed with the carrying of his cross and does not take after the Lord after the One Who had never said that He was not guilty or that He had not done as He was blamed by those who put Him under the cross and who crucified Him. Oh I let Myself under the cross and then on the cross to show the man to take after Me with his life especially that man is guilty too. Oh man you should never hide your guilt or that which is given to you and you should get rid of it when someone sees any guilt with you or tells you about it. You are a man and you keep on shaking it off and I was God and got under the guilt and did not shake it off before anyone but I bore everything came to Me to bear and to do and I could receive the guilt that was attributed to Me and by patience I overcame the death for the guilt and in reality I was the One Who was not guilty at all for I was from heaven not from this world and I had nothing in it and it had nothing in Me either. Behold man is not humble because he is proud and exalts himself before another man and that is why he shakes his guilt off and he has got used to doing this always always. Oh if man wanted to be like Me he would enjoy his humility and seek to be the bearer of guilt and to be humiliated by it. Oh humility and lowliness of heart is only for the Lord as in order for man not be sick with unbelief he had to like to bear the guilt and to believe in God because he is guilty before Him and he needs a doctor for his unbelief for his lack of humility with which he always shakes his guilt off like one who is ashamed to be guilty. However man is guilty all the time in all possible ways and if he does not eat from God he does not get well he is not cleansed from his guilt and man has to know from God all these things and not get used to cutting from his cross for the cross is a great mystery See the selection topic: „About the graven image icon and the sign of the cross 3 ” r.n. and man has to kiss the earth and the heaven because the heaven touches the earth and the earth touches the heaven by the man’s body which has a living soul and movement between earth and heaven. Oh My people oh sons of My word upon you always seek to live sweetly. Live a sweet life sons. The sweet life is full of humility in heart and deed in speech and conduct in the living with the Lord on earth and the bitter life is with trouble with tension with burdens with the lack of God among people and all these come from the lack of humility and the warmth of the heart and the carrying of the cross a conduct that would not let the man hide and shake off his guilt with the speaking of his mouth. Oh do not cut from the cross sons Do not seek after comfort in pains but look only for the patience and love of God for behold what happens to those who seek after comfort walking in this way in the trials of life The comfort brings man desire of joy that does not build up harmful mercy on both sides and then departure from God and lust for sin after that. While in pains and trials small or great take only from Me strengthening and patience good conduct and wisdom through pains for it is the pains that build the man and not comfort and I teach you all these for all the people on earth to hear My teaching upon you and to take from it well sons and to know that pains and not comfort bring joy to man and more than this comfort 3 You can also see on: https://my.edocr.com/v/gk8qx5bw/the-word-of-god-about-the-carved-image-and- the-sign-of-the-cross https://drive.google.com/openid0B0VNo1LgWPpsQmtfLUNiY1FhcHcauthuser0

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2014.09.27. 3 makes man forget about the Lord and slip to weaknesses and then it makes him to be deceived by them even in the time of hardship and then the one who is only after comfort for his pains loses his mind. However I the Lord leave the man at the mercy of the comforts he has been looking for and I go away from him with My help as man also goes away from the Lord and joins with the man in time of trial. Oh people on earth sick or not from the sickness of unbelief which only men have here it is what I the Lord am telling you on a day of the feast for My cross: I am telling you that God is long enduring and that man is not and man should endure not God for God is patient with the one who does not endure and He has long-endurance for him. Oh why man does not endure And if he does not endure what does he do Behold man does not bear his guilt and patience for it. He shakes off the guilt before the others because he does not want to bear his guilt and it is not fair for him to do so to make injustice to God to make the Lord endure because of his guilt. How is for the Lord to endure in man’s place Oh the Lord endures the laugh of the devil the Lord always endures the devil’s joy against Him and against man for the devil always prevails against man and it goes to the Lord to show Him what man does and in order to receive the part due to it from the fight against man because man lets himself be overcome and then he is ashamed to admit what he had done and moreover he always vindicates oneself and he has got used to it he has got used to shaking his guilt off to forgiving his guilt always and no longer to taking upon him before his fellowmen but I did not do this I did not shake Myself off it and I did not say: “I did not do it.” Oh men on earth learn from Me that I stayed under the guilt and I did not say: “I am not guilty.” However even more I stayed under the guilt in the name of those who were guilty. Oh learn the carrying of the cross and you will be healed from unbelief for the unbelief is an opinion and perishes like the unfaithful man but faith is power and is a carried cross and this brings salvation and victory for man for his life and then for eternity. Amen. Oh My people people with a cross like your Lord humble yourself as guilty son hum- ble yourself always because I also humbled Myself. Oh humble yourself and remain hum- ble and stay on your knee because of your guilt for there is no man more exalted than the one on his knees than the one who carries his cross. Man is guilty and the cross and its heaviness are the bearing and the cleansing of his sins and the free will humility humility that frees the man from his guilt. Oh sons be humble to one another Be like this always and live a sweet life by your humility for whoever does not have humility is separated from the Lord but you are My people well sons I come to you and give you food from heaven and I give you word from My mouth to be alive to be well sons. The carrying of the holy cross is My today’s teaching. Let all take from it those who want to come after Me and to be like Me and like you oh sons. Amen. We will go back now into the book to set in it My word which has been staying ready within Me for two weeks in order to be put into the book and to begin with it the Christian year as man does no longer know man does no longer know to be like the saints. Oh peace to you sons Stay awake stand before Me be careful be hospitable with My coming sons Amen amen amen.

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2014.09.27. 4 27-09-2014. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://www.joomag.com/Backend/ControlPanel/MagazineWizard/Magazine/maga- zine.phpUIDM0799222001525607480

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