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„I am the Lord of justice and I comfort those who believe in Me and love Me so, but out of My mouth comes a sharp sword to strike the pagans with it, for they do not love Me because of the joy of their life without God, ...”


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2012.01.09. 1 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Saint Martyr and Archdeacon Stephen 2 I am opening the heaven I am staying with it open and I am bringing it near and We are sitting down at the table of word I with My saints and you at the table here on earth as I am coming down close to you with the heaven open well well My tiny people on earth and the eyes of those in heaven see My beauty with you and have the invisible things as their home- land with which I am coming after you however this scenery is beautiful very beautiful and where I am it is also and many of My beloved saints have seen this beauty when I have released it in their eyes now and then. I am staying with the heaven open near you people of My coming and I am taking you within it and joining you with the saints at My table of wedding with you and the saints are happy when they come with Me to you for it is written this: «Let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad and let us give glory to Him. For the marriage of the Lamb has come and His wife has made herself ready. It was given to her that she would array herself in bright pure fine linen: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints». Apoc: 19/7-8 See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb” r.n. I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I am the Word of God as My name in the end of the time is written in the Scriptures Apoc: 19/13 according to the work that I have been doing now in the end of the time. I am staying with you at the table within a feast of birth My people and I am speaking with you on earth and I am writing Myself into My book of today with My speaking to you. My glory is coming with Me and glory out of glory is born for the heavenly scenery is wonderful and it is surrounding Me within My walking now I am the Lord of justice and I comfort those who believe in Me and love Me so but out of My mouth comes a sharp sword to strike the pagans with it for they do not love Me because of the joy of their life without God only that I shepherd with an iron rod the nations and I spoil their pagan joy and out of My mouth comes a sword which is the Word of God for those who are not faithful and I sit on a white throne and the heaven and the earth flee from before My face and My glory will appear soon soon a new heaven and a new earth as it is written that it will be done. Amen. See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord” r.n. I am dwelling within you with the saints people of My coming. Among them there at his feast the Saint apostle Stephen who saw the heavens open and Me on the throne and My glory surrounding Me for the testimony of My saints is the spirit of the prophecy as it is writ- ten. Oh how shall those who hear and see from God not prophesy Who can close the mouth and the eyes of those who hear and see Not even the stones that crushed him being thrown at him by the killers not even they could close the mouth of My confessing apostle and who judged according to justice like God over those who were unfaithful and there are not words or speeches whose voice are not heard but on the contrary their proclamation has reached all over the earth and their words to the margins of the world for they were written and they are and up to this day they have been confessing and cannot be hidden because I have given to the saints thrones of justice and judgment for justice and the lawlessness cannot be hidden from its judgment for the saints have judged it in their own body in their soul in their spirit and heart 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2012.01.09. 2 in which God’s kingdom has dwelt at large on earth and My saints have got a royal robe the robe of King’s sons. I am giving voice to the apostle Stephen for he is at his feast among the saints and the ruler of the world has been judged on earth as many times as My saints have been judged for those who have judged them on earth against God’s justice have touched the light of My eyes they have touched My saints and the reward of the killers is mourning and gnashing of teeth there where they have piled up the reward for their works however I have remained with My saints and they will reign with Me as King’s sons and My kingdom with them is endless. Amen. — I am staying within the feast of my day in the glory of Your coming Lord for You are accompanied by Your saints and You are coming as You have worked on earth accompa- nied by Your holy apostles. I rejoiced over the glory of the heavenly sights in my life as Your apostle and when I was sent into heaven by those who were envious and haughty in their faith as they wanted to prove when they killed me under the clamor of stones thrown at me then I testified that the heaven was open above me and You were on the throne on the right side of the Father for the heavenly sight was witnessing from heaven against those who have committed the murderous deed and of which they could no longer be vindicated. Oh this is how You stay with the heaven opened above Your saints on earth and You are the right Judge for them opening the heaven and receiving them just as You welcomed me and opened the heaven to me to enter and to present myself before Your throne near the Father as I had confessed that You were with the heaven opened for me and my killers were very much upset with me then and took me out of my body and sent me to You and then I prayed to You I prayed to You to forgive their unbelief and the wickedness that came from their unbelief for they gave me the heaven as a gift Lord and You came with the heaven opened before me to receive me near You in heaven. No enemy can throw You down and no one can throw down Your saints Lord. Oh how much teaching of heaven has to be on earth over those who are faithful Lord They are to be vessels of the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit the Teacher puts clarifying teaching in them and He puts faith with a living proof for it. I am coming down as a confessor from heaven into the midst of the people of Your word Lord. The same testimony I have to give from haven as that on the earth then. Those who were stiff-necked hardening their hearts stay and will stay eternally against the Holy Spirit because of their spirit by which they always feel at their ease on earth always cleansing around them and striking against all of Your righteous ones and thus receiving the bad reward from the hand of those killed. Oh how is the man in cold blood supposed to have warmth in him How are those full of hate supposed to know love Hate comes in man from the spirit of haughtiness just as love and waves of love are brought forth out of the spirit of faith and it embraces the world surrounding it loving it and forgiving it but the clay in man cannot do this. Oh how much humility has to be in the saints to be the heavenly dwelling places of love Lord Much instruction is needed over the saints on the earth. They do not have to take into account their love and measure it by themselves attributing it to themselves as though they might have love in them but it has to be seen alone by its proof and humility has to cover within it all those from heaven in those who are holy on earth as the glory of the heavenly things in the saints is not given on earth but only in humility only in heaven only after that Lord. The big great saints were taking on them the sight of their unworthiness under which they were

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2012.01.09. 3 hiding their treasure from heaven lest they might lose it or that it may be stolen from them. Many followers have always sprung taking after Your saints and through whom You have con- fessed Yourself about them after that. Oh it is no use for man to marry Lord it is no use to do this either in heaven or on earth. The children leave the one who gives them birth and the one who marries and raises fleshly offspring remains all alone in his weaknesses his children leave him one by one and want to take him as soon as possible to his grave. His children grow up and he is pushed in the back of his house in the smallest and the least room only for his children to stay at home and it happens the same to them when they grow up and become old they are left in sufferance and alone mourning over the pain of their heart and for the lack of the love from their children therefore it is no use for man to get married for his joy that lasts a moment vanishes quickly and his reward comes soon that with pain and mourning however those who give themselves to You for Your holiness in them becoming vessels of the Holy Spirit they give birth to sons for You not for them they give birth to disciples for You Lord and they grow them up for You and fill them with the Holy Spirit Who springs from the holy ones and they are loved by their holy followers and are very much appreciated and sought after like some valuable jewels and their disciples struggle for them for their good for their peace for their life in order to have fathers with them so that they may not remain without them on earth and Your saints bring much fruit on earth and much do they gather with You and You give them their comfort hundredfold because they have also comforted You. Oh it is no use for man to marry Lord but it is better for him to become a holy man and bring forth holy fruit God’s holy followers and descendants from descendants by whom the heaven is to dwell on earth among people giving light in its holy ones. I am exhorting the people of Your word Lord and I am telling them this: Oh become disciples to each other and be disciples so that you may be beautiful to be the fruit that remains by giving forth fruit. I have always listened to the Holy Spirit and I have always stayed under the leadership of the apostles of Christ by Whom I was given the work of a disciple to work it. The Holy Spirit is my work and I was leading the things of the church as long as I lived in this ministry. Oh do not separate yourselves from the work and from the fruit bearing of the Holy Spirit in you and among you when you have to organize the church business the brotherly needs Be not separated from God the Holy Spirit and you will be disciples the sons of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit the Baptizer the Lord Creator of life the One Who proceeds from the Father and together with the Father and with the Son worshipped and praised by the disciples and highly speaking from His prophets and by the church with a synod confess your sins in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and have your life in Christ the Bridegroom of the saints. Stay with the heaven open into your midst and close the window of the world to you for the world is dust. Bless the Lord bless Him all the time for He confesses you before those in heaven and you are His people on earth the place of His rest and of His coming of nowadays. Become disciples to each other Come under each other’s hand for the spirit of forgiveness and submission which highly exalts you up to heaven for you need submission which even God’s Son was not exempted from neither in heaven nor on earth. Furthermore be workers obedient workers and very wise for the work in obedience which serves Christ’s church. Be on earth as in heaven do not forget this This is what I want for you in the days of the feast of birth when the Lord Jesus Christ is spending time with you Bridegroom and bride at the table of wedding and of much word on the table. Amen.

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2012.01.09. 4 And now Lord bless my gift for Your people Amen. — Your gift is being put now on My table with My people oh My great disciple for you confessed a great word of Holy Spirit on God’s behalf over those who took the Lord’s vineyard to be theirs. There are not My servants those who steal the vineyard that they may have My vineyard but there are thieves and robbers as I called them as they were for the thief does not know anything but only to plunder so that he may possess and not to give to My poor ones to the sons of the church whom he lays under tribute as though they were strangers and not sons and he gets their skin only to have a garment for the thieves are greedy of glory and they are only thieves. Oh My people keep yourself always separated from the world for I have earned you to have you for Me son. Always wait for Me to bring to you from heaven to have warm food and to have My warmth with you son for you do not have to get cold you do not have to get cold for only those who get cold only those go cold and get sick and then they need doctors and bitter medicine for their healing. I give you an embracing of birth for I have been spending time at the heavenly table for three days My people. The Father rejoices over My dwelling with you and the heaven and the earth flee from before Me and a new heaven and a new earth stay with Me and you when I dwell with you on feasts of new age. Peace to you disciple people. The longing is binding us until the feast that is coming for the feasts come one after the other and I have been staying with you and with the heaven open near you on your feasts. Peace to you disciple people Give yourselves to each other as disciples in order to get the work of a disciple and then to get the reward for it for I am with My victory from the end of the time and I am victorious with you for all those who have labored and then for you who are laboring one hour with Me now one hour sons until the trumpet of eternity will be sounding My rest and the rest of My saints. Amen amen amen. 09-01-2012 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://www.scribd.com/user/117965222/billydean-en

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