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„We lift up our weapons, sons! Up the weapons! The fast and the prayer, the Psal-tery and the blessing of each and every moment by the word of the blessing, and of each work and movement, and we lift up the hope with obedience for it, My people, ...”


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2010.02.23. 1 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the holy sanctified martyr Charalambos 2 I become the way for the saints for they see and hear the word of My coming and they know the promise of the prophecy that I have to come with them Apoc: 19/14. and work together over the souls over the spirits and over the bodies of the people over those who are faithful over those who are less faithful and over those who are not faithful. I am the Lord My coming in the word is being preached and I have to come with more and more richness of word for My mercy on man becomes heavy upon Me and the Father exhorts Me to speak and to have mercy on man with the spirit of the wisdom and of the knowledge from above for on earth there is known and unknown pain and man needs blessing for those who are good and he needs cleansing for those that are to his damage. I am the Lord Jesus Christ. I am the living One and I have trampled with death upon death and the Father has given Me power in heaven and on earth and after My resurrection I said this to My disciples and I sent them with power to preach this among the people so that those who would believe may be baptized by them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and to be Mine like them and that also those who would not believe may be known as well and in such a way that they may remain as they were as it is written. Apoc: 22/11. Oh you should wake up well people of My word and you should take in you My whole advice from upon you everything that I speak to you from the heaven and from the earth for the days are harder and harder with more and more pain in them and your life has to draw to it all the time My blessing which can work your good from Me your protection from God son. Oh you should not have a greater care day and night than the care to listen to Me as I guide you to do and to work so that you may not suffer from the mistake of disobedience. I am teaching you both from heaven and from earth for those who obey are protected from every evil and they are protected from the whole temptation that comes upon earth to test the people. I am coming with My sanctified martyr Charalambos and I am coming to you with the saints My people. I have given them even when they were on earth My power for you for you need true friends you My least one. Oh stay little into My hand for those who have stood great near Me and near you have not got the power to understand My mystery upon you and they have looked at you with a human spirit and eye and they have despised you and given you away from their way but I have remained with you I remain and I do not leave and I stand by you and cover you with My mantel and with that of My saints and I keep you as My testimony before the Father and before the people on earth for you are the faithful one and I will protect you from the hour of temptation as it is written and My saints are like Me and they will protect you likewise too for you have as father and brother the heavenly Father and you have Me and My saints only for you to love obedience obedience and faith oh My people. Amen. – Your coming with the saints bring me with You into the army of Your bishops from heaven for the armies from heaven are coming after You as it is written oh Lord. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2010.02.23. 2 Oh I long very much after Your coming as all of Your saints long after it. They all long after You to come and to be victorious on the earth now when the man of lawlessness seeks all the possibilities to take over Your throne and Your footstool and to reign in Your place with his dark plan more than anytime as there are seven thousand years since the man has been looking in his foolishness and in his desire to rule over the earth and over the heaven. Oh who has loved You who have confessed You more than Your saints You have made great grace come down on earth after Your resurrection You have raised armies of confessing saints and You have written through them as true God on the earth by signs and by miracles. Now we are working from heaven we are at war against the darkness in man and we are on the side of those who are faithful to Your promises against Your enemies and against those who do not believe in the spirit of confession oh Lord. Oh do not be afraid you sons of the holy faith Be the sons of obedience to the whole word of God’s Son Who is coming on the clouds to you and He is giving Himself through you to those who are faithful to His coming with the saints now in the end of the time You should do nothing more than obedience to His entire word in everything you work for Him and for you for those who listen to Him are those who are protected and are those who fight together with Him and with us for His victory upon death and upon hell as it is written. Do not forget about the work of the blessing Make use of those who are sanctified by the Lord among you for you Your spirit soul and body have to be dedicated and blessed with their entire work and move- ment under the sign of the holy cross and under the word of the blessing of Christ to Whom the father has given all the power in heaven and on earth and He has given it to His saints. Amen. You those who are sanctified of the Lord into the midst of His good and faithful people you have received freely and freely you have to give to those for whom you have received and not to others and they will be those protected Amen. Oh there is no salvation greater than that by the word spoken in the name of the Lord for the destruction of the evil and for the increase of the good from the Lord for those who are faithful and holy. The devil lies in wait moment by moment to find you guilty and that you are disobedient to the Lord to draw you into his lasso but the saints of the Lord also watch. Watch watch likewise as well The fear in men grows on the earth but in you should grow the faith and the hope in Christ’s victory which you should call to come to come for we His saints stand for you at the border between good and evil and stay in the Lord’s arm and do not come out as outside is punishment for the unfaithful ones Pray to the Lord pray with the prayers of the saints who have in them much much spirit of repentance. Their prayers are the cups of the mercy for you those who are faithful. Be alive by prayer and get used to be prayer on the earth as lively as the fire which burns and cleanses in its way back and forward to the right and to the left up and down but also get used to keep in mind and be sweet for those that are alive and working to which you are exhorted by the Lord and by the saints sons Amen. Oh sweet Lord You were sweet in me and my life was sweet with You When I was mocked and torn by those who were unfaithful poor of them You were so sweet in me as I did no longer have the thought and the feeling at the bitterness of my body of my flesh and in this way I got sweetened by Your love in me and I was confessing You as my God before the pagans before those who made me their spectacle for Your name which I was bearing before them and they did not know what they were doing and I wanted their forgiveness and I wanted their

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2010.02.23. 3 coming back to You for many of them by my confession in the midst of Your persecution and of Your sufferance in me and the number of Your disciples as confessing as I was was in- creasing at that time. Oh let Your small people of today rejoice over Your love and mine for we Your saints are staying today in Your love for them love paid with whole sacrifice so that it may be today for the power and salvation for those who are Yours on earth The man gets drunk with his own thought with his self love and with the longing to please each other but I gave away all these from me and I took Your love to have it as my reward in heaven and to give my reward to those who do not have on earth for You told everybody: «I want mercy and not sacrifice» Matt: 12/7 Amen. I leave the blessing of a bishop on your head people of the word of the Lord’s coming with the saints in your days Have a word of blessing on your lips for God and for you The Lord’s mother and His saints are staying together with you. Watch for prayer and obedience and every evil will avoid you Nothing nothing without God oh sons. Amen. – I the Lord sweeten the love of the saints and I get sweetened within it too the love for you My people of today. Oh let yourself be the soft clay so that your Maker may model you for the soft clay stays to be modeled and it is not damaged Get used not to be hurt Be soft so that you may not be hurt and rejoice over your making from those who have the work of your making from Me for on earth there are only sorcerers and witches and people go alone to these to make them and to make life for them and the people believe in sorcerers and witches and they seek after their support but all these have a painful end for man after that. I have comforted the love and the longing of My saints because My saints want to come to you My people but more than that they want your protection for they see that you are Mine and that I have you at My table and they see the entire evil on the earth everything that threatens man and the man’s life and the saints cry out to Me for Me and for you to come to victory I with you and with them and the saints cry out to Me son. Apoc: 6/10 Oh cry out like them cry out cry in a loud voice My people and become only calling and call out for Me call Me out always: «Lord come» Amen. Oh I come I come and keep coming I want to come and I want to bring to an end the hidden arrows which try to get out from the quiver of the sons of the ruler of the darkness of this passing age. I want to work with you and I want to be victorious in this intemperate war against man My people. I want it sooner than expected and I want to turn against the head of the unfaithful man the fruit of his human and devilish foolishness by which he tests himself in My sword. Amen. See the selection topic: „The great tribulation 3 ” r.n. 3 You can also see on: https://flii.by/file/f13ptt2le5s/ https://jumpshare.com/v/NYI2deb4dg7aGE7nuGSH http://en.calameo.com/books/00107546831e6677b6fc8 https://www.edocr.com/v/7rqnjvb4/billydean-en/the-word-of-god-about-the-great-tribulation https://drive.google.com/openid0B0VNo1LgWPpsbVZ3RFJNNi1tLVU https://app.box.com/s/1jebndzl652pqivln9re4r4aeuq04guw https://issuu.com/billydean.en/docs/the_word_of_god_about_the_great_tri https://mega.nz/ZdNAWCrJtZRZEVt9j8bYfhGVV8XjwxlR8iARJkqtNjHVEka7guk https://www.dropbox.com/s/pz98gnlpm3ub8zp/

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2010.02.23. 4 We lift up our weapons sons Up the weapons The fast and the prayer the Psal- tery and the blessing of each and every moment by the word of the blessing and of each work and movement and we lift up the hope with obedience for it My people and we do this more than anytime. Oh you are small but My power in great do not forget that Do believe and do not doubt of Me son as I am the One Who is speaking to you this Give Me place in you to be able to work You are small but I can do it. Amen. Peace to you My people Do not forget give Me the entire place in you and I can do. I can do everything you cannot do. I can My people. Amen amen amen. 23-02-2010. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://app.box.com/s/p299ufueemmq3weq9hw7

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