2006.10.27 - The word of God at the feast of the devout Parascheva


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„... the man who does not do God’s will on earth, that one does not belong to God, but he be-longs to the devil instead, ...”


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2006.10.27. 1 The word of God 1 at the feast of the devout Parascheva 2 I bow from heaven down to the earth to do the will of My Father Sabaoth as in heaven so on earth for My Father always always wants Me as Teacher upon man. I bow as a great God and glorified by all the heavenly hosts for the one who is glorified bows to thank for his glory. Amen. The gates have lifted up and I am coming in as word in My book of today on the earth and I have come in. Amen amen amen. Oh watchful children before Me when I come as word in My fold and of My people of today I together with you always have to teach this people and it has to listen to become the Father’s will on earth as in heaven his ear always always has to be open to instruction for woe to the one who is not always always taught by a teacher because that one does his will and one like that does not belong to anyone. The man has to be ministered by angels and his life does not have to be otherwise. How- ever if he does not have a teacher upon himself he has not got ministering angels either but rather he has got only his will of master over him and with it he tells to himself all that he wants and does. Behold children with a sigh within you like Me I cannot have the man as My son for I listen to My Father and I do only what He tells Me that is what I do and I walk with My Father as a Son and I inherit His love and power in heaven and on earth near Him and near the man and I am ministered by angels for I am submitted to God Father but the man cannot work until he first does his will poor of him and he has hidden from God from the very beginning in order to do his will. From the beginning the man has not been able to understand what God with him has meant and what he with God on earth has meant either for he who does his will that one does not know what God near man is and he does not know how God has to be worshipped. I would like children sons that the man may understand My will on earth. I want the man to under- stand that he needs a father on earth if he wants to be a son. I look on the earth to see and I do not see anything else but only the man who does his will from his going to bed to his getting up and from his getting up to his going to bed and I do not see the man working something else for the benefit of God on the earth and over the man. My trumpet said this by her word: “Those who have their will they perish by it” and I also said to her that there were only two ways out of which the people fed for fifty years on My word upon it could have chosen in order that I may make into My son to have a father that one who believes that there is God in heaven and on earth for the man who wants to have God as his Father. The time has come to speak with the voice of My word far and wide on the earth that the man who does not do God’s will on earth that one does not belong to God but he belongs to the devil instead which makes the man do his will and that the man may not be God’s son on earth. No one can call God “Father” if he does not have the work of the son with a teacher upon him. I spoke to My disciples to preach Me on to the nations of the earth and I said this: «He who listens to you listens to Me and the One Who has sent Me and he who denies you denies Me and denied the One Who has sent Me after the man». The man needs salvation from the death he has drawn upon himself by this pulling out of God for his own will and he needs to listen to Me for this salvation from death. If I being God stayed and 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2006.10.27. 2 stay only in the will and the word of the Father how should the man work now after that for such a long time he has not listened to the One Who made the man in the beginning I made the man out of God’s will and I did not make him otherwise. Behold the people having been fed with this word for fifty years has perished because of the lack of wisdom if it has perished and I do not want to hear the man say that he has got wisdom I do not want since the man does not have in him and upon him the fear of God which will make him a son obedient to God. There cannot be wisdom in man and on the earth greater than the obedience to God and he who does not love it as his own life that is a son of the van- ity which is upon the people who do their will and My trumpet said: “Those who have their will they perish by it.” See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets” r.n. Oh no man can dedicate Me anything beautiful in him if he does not have a teacher from heaven upon him for I told the man from the beginning that it is not good for the man to be alone. The one who is alone does not work according to the exhortation upon his life. From his beginning with Me I have wanted the man to be only under My counsel and when he has no longer wanted that way he has hidden and lost God as a result if he has worked that way. Every man who hides within himself with his good and bad things loses God My people. And behold every man hides from God. Oh My people every man hides. The man cannot any- thing else but only his will first. The one who does not sanctify God in him that one puts the Lord down for his own will for one like that does not have other love in him and cannot do the will of the Father Creator. The man leads his love according to his heart according to his flesh and the man does no longer have a teacher for his love and it leads him far away from God and to the temptation of not having a teacher of life over him to ask him always about his life about his love if that is in the image of God and after God’s likeness in man or after the man and behold the man does not know what death is so that he may know after that what his life means and how he is able to have life in him. I have become Teacher upon you man without heaven in your life and I tell you this: there are two ways out of which the man can chose one: submission which is on My right side and the free will which is on the right side of the man. Submission is My work and with it on My right side I do God’s will the Father for I am His Son and the one who loves it as his wisdom that one choose Me for his right side and stays under My teaching and becomes a son like Me under God’s will the Father and the free will which is on the man’s right side is the man’s work without a father from heaven on him and that one has the devil as his father the spirit of emptiness the cunning seed which separates man from God for the spirit fallen from glory in the beginning is envious against God as its food after what this spirit lost its glory near God by its disobedience. Oh man without a helm over your steps Hear Me Hear Me when I speak to you to wake you up for the spirit of the wisdom of obedience for the wisdom of obedience has made so many people big and small holy and beloved by Me people who have given their possessions to the poor that they may deny themselves and to become My dwelling place on earth and they do not share their richness and their earnings with the thought to become haughty before Me with their good works but they have done so because of their self-denial and for their deliverance from the burdens so that they may be without any burdens and to be able to receive Me in them with the wealth of My love and of My obedience of the Son of the Father Sabaoth. No rich man shares his wealth with those who are rich and who have possession like him but he rather shares it with those who do not have any possessions with the poor that they may get away from the heavy burden of

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2006.10.27. 3 the self-love which enslaves the man so ruthlessly. I work the same and I share the wealth of My glory with those who are poor in their spirit to get rid of My burden that heavy burden of My love for the man which presses Me so ruthlessly when I do not have anyone to give it when I have no one to share with when I have no one to set it on to be shared and loved and to serve the man for his life and that he may serve Me on My right side for obedience is on My right side the way with God. Amen. I am the way man I and not you Do no longer wrap yourself up with those around you. Bow down to hear the spirit of My teaching with which I shake Myself over the earth that every man may hear Me for I share Myself with those who share Me and who are My messengers to you disciples with a sigh that resembles Mine for the man who has got his free will on his right side his will for himself but I remind you again and I tell you: those who have their own will they get lost by it and those who have My will they live and they are. Amen amen amen. – Oh Good Teacher In my day of memorial let Your will be done in my will for my will is to tell Your people of today and of the people from the earth that You are sweet and You are the fruit of the life and You are the will of the saints who have shared their possessions with the poor so that they may completely have self-denial and to become the dwelling place of Your shining in them of sweet Teacher for Your teaching is sweet but the people swallow their bitterness and do not know what they do when they do so and they do not have the wisdom of the submission those who give themselves over to their wills. I was a female disciple having a sigh like that of Yours and I wanted longingly for the self-denial to sit on Your right side for submission for Your will in my will and I has remained on earth an example of Your holiness and love in my body in my soul and in my spirit and I was a teacher for the man by those that were pleased in me to Your will and I did not want You to write me in heaven for any of the good works but only for my self-denial and with Your rest in me for You are the King without a country and without a home if the man does not submit to You to become Your shelter. Your pain is crushed within You and in Your saints for the man cannot work on the earth until he does his will. Give to Your people of today the wisdom of submission Good Teacher that You may always have it as Your Son. Amen amen amen. – This is how I want My people of today to be to be a son with a Father oh My female disciple with a sigh like Mine for you and all those who have loved the spirit of submission by their self-denial have judged the world for it is written: «The saints will judge the world» and the world cannot say that it has not got the teaching and the power to do My will. Oh children from the gates with a sighing like Mine within the gates How little you have been seen I have covered you and the glory of My wisdom in you so that I may have room with you on earth. I want to help many to understand the wisdom of the holy obedience and the empti- ness of the free will and I look down on earth to see and no one knows to see you and My wealth in you for man. I would like to have you always always full of power and peace and sweetness to be able to speak with you and then with My people not only with you so many words that remain between Me and you and with their deep wisdom for the life and the understanding of the man lost from Me for his own will. I will speak much to this people and to every man and I will try to make many works by the wisdom of the submission which does not ask for the man himself because the saints have worked with self-denial and have become submission for God’s will and they have always judged the world which has become its will. I am sweet among those who are sweet for Me but those who do not become My will cannot see those who are saints and in whom I live on earth.

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2006.10.27. 4 I will bring again and again the teaching of the submission and its wisdom My people and you should get used to love and to speak like God so that it may be seen from heaven and from the earth that you are My son and that you stand on My right side doing the work like that of Mine loving the wisdom of life the obedience under My will. Amen. I have given you My holy mystery My people and I say this: the wisdom of the holy submission is the love that is under the cross people of My mercy. Amen amen amen. 27-10-2006 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor editor. You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://flii.by/billydean-en/folders/

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