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Freestyle BMX bikes are attractive bikes that make riding exciting and dynamic. Buy now at


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BMX Bikes:

BMX Bikes

What are BMX Bikes?:

What are BMX Bikes ? BMX Bikes can be used for park, street, vert , dirt, and flatland. They are generally made up of three types of materials: steel, aluminum, and chromoly or high tensile steel.

How to Choose a BMX Bike?:

How to Choose a BMX Bike ? Decide how you will use your bike. Know your height. Choose if lightweight or the heavier model will suit you. Take a test ride.

Some Interesting Facts:

Some Interesting Facts BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, these bikes were introduced during the 1960s. The first BMX style bike were called Sting Ray and was designed by Schwinn . In 1971 in California, the first BMX race was held in which hundreds of bikers participated. In 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing China, Bicycle Motocross was also one of the bike sports.

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