Team Fortress 2 Weapons II

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Guide #2 to TF2 Weapons.


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Team Fortress 2 Weapons II:

Team Fortress 2 Weapons II An educational presentation by Bigboymeal1


Mediguns The medic’s medigun does not do damage, but does heal friendly players efficiently. Notes: Be ready to defend yourself with a quick switch to your weapons. Best Medigun: KritzKrieg.

Syringe Guns:

Syringe Guns The medic’s automatic syringe guns provide a good sustainable rate of fire at short to medium range. Notes: This is almost exactly like the sniper’s SMG. Best Syringe Gun: Crusader’s Crossbow.

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper Rifles The Sniper’s trusted rifle is a great way to keep enemies far away from you. Notes: Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles are best. Best Sniper Rifle: AWPer Hand (Achieved by buying Counterstrike Source on Steam)

Rocket Launchers:

Rocket Launchers A great way to keep short to medium range enemies at bay, the rocket launcher is real good, son. Notes: Most rocket launchers have low ammo counts. Best Rocket Launcher: Beggar’s Bazooka.

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