Team Fortress 2 Weapons I

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Guide #1 to TF2 weapons.


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Team Fortress 2: Weapons Guide I:

Team Fortress 2: Weapons Guide I An educational presentation by Bigboymeal1


Flamethrowers The pyro’s flamethrowers are good at close range, and work with devastating effect on non-pyro enemies. Other pyros are immune to flame. Best Flamethrower: Rainblower.


Miniguns The heavy’s minigun is great at beating off massive hordes of enemies at close to medium range, with great effect. Note: Other heavies are hard to kill with the minigun. Best Minigun: Natascha.

Sentry Guns:

Sentry Guns The engineer’s sentry guns are great fire and forget weapons, and will provide you with a lot of kills. Note: Spies can sap any sentry with ease. Guard your technology closely. Best Sentry: Level 3 Sentry Gun.


Shotguns Every shotgun character carries a shotgun, which is somewhat effective as a secondary weapon, but only at close range. Note: Only use the shotgun if your other weapons are out of ammunition. Best shotgun: All are equal.

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