Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine

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Tactics/Maps of mvm.


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MANN VS. MACHINE A Presentation by Bigboymeal

Good Classes to play as in MvM:

Good Classes to play as in MvM All of them are useful!

Map: Bigrock:

Map: Bigrock Mvm_Bigrock is a large expansive map with lots of space to play, has 6-8 rounds, and it is unique because it’s the only map with an engineer robot. The difficulty rating is hard. Enemy robots can teleport, there are enemy sentries. Winning Tactic: Buy a disposable sentry as engineer, build both sentries overlooking bomb site. 2+ engineers suggested.

Map: Decoy:

Map: Decoy Mvm_Decoy is a small map and the first map made. It has 6-8 rounds and is medium difficulty. Winning Tactic: As pyro , ambush enemy forces right next to the cliff they jump off of in the beginning. During October, this map has an optional setting: Start off on Round 666, which is impossible to win.

Map: Coaltown:

Map: Coaltown Mvm_Coaltown is a medium sized map with a medium difficulty. The difficulty is easy. There are 6-8 rounds. Winning Tactic: Build a sentry or two by the bomb site and keep most of your forces at the frontline. Ambush constantly.

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