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Game Modes of Team Fortress 2


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Team Fortress 2: The Basics: Game Modes:

Team Fortress 2: The Basics: Game Modes An educational presentation, brought to you by Mann Co.


Payload In Control Points, BLU’s objective is to get the bomb cart to the enemy base. RED’s objective is to stop BLU from advancing. Every control point BLU gains adds time. Control points has a 5 minute time limit. If BLU has not gotten their cart to the RED base by the end time, RED wins.


Attack/Defense BLU’s objective in A/D is to attack RED’s control point. RED’s objective is to keep them from capturing the point. There is a 5 minute time limit. If RED still holds the point after 5 minutes, BLU loses.

Control Points:

Control Points RED starts with 1 control point, as does BLU. There are 3 neutral points. Both team’s objective is to capture all 5 control points, including the enemy’s, as well as defending their own points. Time limit varies per server. If all control points are controlled by your team, you win.

Mann vs. Machine:

Mann vs. Machine The objective of RED is to hold off 8 waves of GREY robots. Only RED team is playable. RED wins by defending the bomb site from the robots.

Payload Race:

Payload Race The objective of both teams is to get their bomb cart to the enemy base before the enemy gets their bomb cart to your base. 10 minute time limit. You win by getting the enemy base destroyed.

Capture the Flag (Intelligence Briefcase):

Capture the Flag (Intelligence Briefcase) Both team’s objective is to capture the enemy’s intelligence briefcase while keeping their own. 8 minute time limit. 3 rounds.

That’s All Folks!:

That’s All Folks!

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