Team Fortress 2: Meet the Team

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Get to know the whole team.


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Team Fortress 2: Meet the Team:

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Team An educational powerpoint by Bigboymeal.

What is TF2?:

What is TF2? Team Fortress 2, or TF2, is a first-person shooter game on the PC Platform Steam. There are nine different classes to play.

Class I: The Soldier:

Class I: The Soldier The soldier was rejected from every branch of the American military, which makes him the best of the best. He is an expert with a rocket launcher and a shovel.

Class II: The Heavy:

Class II: The Heavy Born and raised in a small town in Russia that had no school, heavy is the smartest members of the team. Heavy’s big loves include sandwiches, chocolate, and his girlfriend, Sasha.

Class III: The Spy:

Class III: The Spy The Spy is the best at his job, partly in fact because he kills the husband of every woman he wants. He is an expert with a knife, revolver, and a bouquet of flowers.

Class IV: The Engineer:

Class IV: The Engineer Raised in Texas, the engineer plays a mean guitar. His dream job of being an engineer sent him to Texas A&M, and he is now an engineer! An expert with a shotgun and can make a weapon from paperclips.

Class V: The Medic:

Class V: The Medic A native of Germany, during the war he was a spy for the allied side. He never went to medical school, but is known as one of the best healers in the world, mostly because the other top 10 healers died mysteriously.

Class VI: The Pyro:

Class VI: The Pyro Nothing else is known about him, other than he is an expert with a flamethrower.

Class VII: The Demoman:

Class VII: The Demoman He’s more drunk than sober, but he’s better when intoxicated. An expert at making things explode.

Class VIII: The Sniper:

Class VIII: The Sniper A big game hunter from Australia, the sniper never misses a shot with his rifle or bow.

Class IX: The Scout:

Class IX: The Scout One of 15 children born in Boston, the scout is used to fighting for everything. He is an expert with his bat and scattergun.

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