Check Your Round Diamond Rings Before Paying

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The statement of love made with a diamond is recognized by almost every woman on earth. A diamond will do everything for you where words end.


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Check Your Round Diamond Rings Before Paying :

Check Your Round Diamond Rings Before Paying Almost every woman on earth recognizes the statement of love made with a diamond. Round diamond rings will do everything for you where words end. The beauty and brilliance of these precious stones are the most wonderful statements that one can make to a woman. A symbol of unfailing love and a pillar of the statement that it makes while showing the strength of your commitment is more than enough to show the passion and fire that you hold for your beloved. It is time that you make a bold statement. Before buying a diamond however you need to be very sure that you are getting the true value for the money that you are going to pay. There are many frauds and conmen trying to get your money and tricking you into buying fake diamond that has the look of a pure diamond. You need to be very sure about the stone being genuine before making the payment. There are few tips that could possibly save one from buying fake diamonds. The best and first test that one can run while identifying a fake diamond from a real one is the vapor test. You just need to bring the stone close to your mouth and exhale air from your mouth if the stone is foggy for more than 3 seconds then it is not a diamond. Probably a stimulant looks like a diamond and can be purchased for a fraction of the amount that a real diamond will come for.

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Using a carat or gram scale is yet another method that is used to distinguish fake diamonds from real diamonds. Another test that can be run easily by any individual who is sitting right at the jewelers shop to get the best pieces of jewelry like platinum engagement rings or a wedding ring studded with diamonds for the big day is the transparency test. This test is quite easy to perform one just needs a piece of printed-paper for that. Place the diamond on the piece of paper upside down and try to read the print on the paper through the diamond. If you are able to read looking through the stone, beware its fake unless the diamond has been cut shallow. The UV test is there where a stream of UV light is passed through the stone to determine the real ones from the fake ones. UV light is black in color and when this light passes through a real diamond the light will turn blue in simple words this is the test for a distinguishing a real diamond from a fake diamond. Testing a diamond although is a foray of a certified and experienced gemmologist still with these simple steps you can be sure about the quality of the diamond that you are buying. To know more about Round Diamond Rings , Diamond Rings, Platinum Engagement Rings, Wedding rings, cathedral engagement rings, Wedding Bands, and other jewelry items feel free to visit us at

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