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To apply for NTPC e tender, bidders have to register on either the NTPC portal or with an aggregator site. The information required for registration includes the personal details, PAN, and contact details of the bidders. Foreign bidders have to provide the name of their country. This PPT gives tips how bidders should apply NTPC tenders.


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How to apply for an NTPC tender:

N-Procure Tender How to apply for an NTPC tender


Introduction Bidders have the option to apply for NTPC e tenders via a number of tender portals online. However, for some documents, which are needed to be submitted in original, like earnest money deposit, bidders have to submit them at the NTPC office.


Pre-requisites Bidders need to register to access NTPC e tender applications. A valid digital certificate is also required for bid submissions. Bidders have to submit all the documents mentioned in the tender notice.

Tender Fee:

Tender Fee Tender fee, wherever applicable, should be paid. Bidders can pay online tender fee though a credit card. Alternatively, payment can also be made through DD submitted at the NTPC office.

Earnest Money Deposit:

Earnest Money Deposit Bidders have to submit hard copy of EMD to the C&M coordinator before the bid submission closing time. Failure to do so can lead to bid rejection.

Change to bid after submission:

Change to bid after submission Bidders cannot change the bid once it is submitted. You must check the factual details and final prices before submission. In an exceptional case, bidders have to ask for the “Return of Bid”, after which they can make the changes in the bid and submit a revised one.

How to upload tender documents:

How to upload tender documents Bidders can upload the tender documents directly from their PC to the designated folder created for them on the online bid form under un-priced bid tab page.

Closing time of the tender:

Closing time of the tender Bidders have to submit their tenders before the submission dead-line. Bidders are not allowed to submit the tender once the submission deadline is passed.


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