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English Speaking countries and other favourite countries of some of our students. Presentations done by students of English, teacher: Margarida Beato, Escola Secundária Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia, Tavira, Portugal. Semana da Interculturalidade, maio de 2014 Biblioteca ESJAC


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Brief summary of USA formation:

Brief summary of USA formation America was found in the fifteenth century by Britain and remained a colony until the eighteenth century. After the American Revolutionary War in 1775, the United States were finally declared as an independent nation.

Main facts:

Main facts Inhabitants: 317 096 330 Area: 9 629 091 km 2 It is the third most populous country in the world and it is also the fourth country to occupy more area on Earth.

Main facts:

Main facts US has 50 states.

Main facts:

Main facts The capital of this country is Washington D.C.

Main facts:

Main facts The most known cities are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. New York Los Angeles Las Vegas Miami

Main facts:

Main facts Independence Day: July 4, 1776 The most important Q American day

Main facts:

Main facts The currency of United States is the American Dollar.

Main facts:

Main facts National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner The anthem is usually interpreted by famous people or groups, either in casual ceremonies as a football game, whether in political ceremonies.

Main facts:

Main facts The flag Colors meaning: Blue - Vigilance, perseverance, and justice Red – valor and bravery White - purity and innocence Stars meaning :   symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; each star represents one state. Stripes meaning: symbol of the sunbeams

Main facts:

Main facts The icons of the USA are: The bald eagle – represents strength, courage, freedom and immortality The rose – is a symbol of beauty, love, war and politics throughout the world The motto of the country is “In God we trust.”

Monuments and landmarks:

Monuments and landmarks Statue of Liberty, New York White House, Washington D.C.

Monuments and landmarks:

Monuments and landmarks Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C National September 11 Memorial & Museum, New York

Monuments and landmarks:

Monuments and landmarks Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota Empire State Building, New York

Monuments and landmarks:

Monuments and landmarks Hollywood sign, Los Angeles Hollywood walk of fame, Los Angeles

Monuments and landmarks:

Monuments and landmarks Walt Disney World, Orlando Monument Valley, Colorado+Utah+New Mexico+Arizona

Monuments and landmarks:

Monuments and landmarks Central Park, New York San Andreas Fault, San Andreas



Wealth and Brands:

Wealth and Brands

Ivy league:

Ivy league

Famous people:

Famous people Charismatic Presidents George Washington, the 1 st president Abraham Lincoln, the 16 th Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32 nd John F. Kennedy, the 35 th Barack Obama, the 44 th George W. Bush, the 43 rd

Famous people:

Famous people Activists Artists Martin Luther King Jr. Steven Spielberg, film director Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

Famous people:

Famous people Athletes Muhammad Ali, Box Michael Jordan, Basketball Tiger Woods, Golf

Famous people:

Famous people Writers Edgar Allan Poe Ernest Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald Mark Twain

Famous People:

Famous People Actors Marilyn Monroe James Dean Morgan Freeman Brad Pitt George Clooney Leonardo DiCaprio Angelina Jolie Hale Berry Audrey Hepburn Matthew McConaughey Sean Connery Meryl Streep Sandra Bullock

Famous People:

Famous People Musicians Ray Charles Louis Armstrong Aerosmith 30 Seconds to Mars Elvis Presley Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Bruce Springsteen Guns n’ Roses

Escola Secundária Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia:

Disciplina: English Professora: Margarida Beato Aluna: Mariana Afonso Nº.21 10ºA3 Ano letivo: 2013/2014 Escola Secundária Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia Semana da Interculturalidade : 12 a 16 maio 2014

New Zealand:

New Zealand Ana Laura nº1 10ºA2





Typical food:

Typical food










Escola Secundária Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia Aluna: Ana Laura, nº1, 10ºA2 Disciplina: Inglês Ano letivo: 2013/2014 Professora: Margarida Beato Semana da Interculturalidade : 12 a 16 maio 2014

Main Facts:

Main Facts The capital of Spain is Madrid. The Currency of Spain is the Euro. Spain has got 47 265 321 inhabitants.


Localization Spain is located in the south of Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula.


Flag The meaning of the two colours of the flag of Spain is: Yellow is the symbol of generosity Red represents bravery, strength . Kingdom of Lion . Kingdom of Navarre Kingdom of Castile Kingdom of Aragon The two columns represent the “Pillars of Hercules”


Habits/Customs Bullfight Christmas Tomato Festival Holy week


Food Paella Pulpo a la Gallega Tortilla


Monuments Cathedral of Seville Theatre of Mérida Cathedral of Santiago of Compostela

Famous people:

Famous people Antonio Banderas (Actor) Pablo Picasso (Painter) Penelope Cruz (Actress) Paco de Lucia (Singer) Iker Casillas (Football player)

Pilar del Rio (Journalist and writer):

Pilar del Rio ( Journalist and writer ) Santiago Calatrava Fernando Savater (Architect) (Philosopher)


Escola Secundária Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia Aluna: Diogo Galego, nº10, 10ºA2 Disciplina: Inglês Ano letivo: 2013/2014 Professora: Margarida Beato Semana da Interculturalidade : 12 a 16 maio 2014




Introduction I have chosen Australia as my favorite country because it is a country surrounded by sea and a lot of beautiful beaches and landscapes, which are things that I love. Because of this, I’m going to talk about this country.


Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia is a country located in the southern hemisphere, in Oceania. It is also known as the country of kangaroos It has a population of about 23 million inhabitants. Location and Population

Currency and Capital:

Currency and Capital Its currency is the Australian dollar . The capital of Australia is Canberra, but the largest city is Sydney.

Habits and Customs:

Habits and Customs In Australia, every town has different habits, some of these are: Do picnics and go to the beach at the weekend Do water sports, like surfing; Play cricket, rugby and golf; Dine out and go to the shopping center.


Food The Australian cuisine is diverse and explores international flavours. And there is a mixture of flavours from different cultures. Nevertheless, Australians are known as one of the most obese people in the world. Some of Australian dishes are: Pies; Lamb with mint sauce.


Monuments Australia offers sights and cultural activities visited annually by tourists worldwide. Some of these sights are: Sydney Opera House ; House of Parliament ; Burley Griffin Lake ;

Famous people:

Famous people Australia has some international famous people like: Russel Crowe; Nicole Kidman; Hugh Jackman ; Lleyton Hewitt;


Scotland Trabalho Realizado Por: Carolina Oliveira Nº5 10ªA2


Capital The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh

Population :

Population   Scotland has 5,295,000 inhabitants (64 inhabitants distributed per square kilometers). The most populous city is Glasgow.


Currency The currency is the Pound.


Monuments Carlton Hill Sir Walter Scott William Wallace in Edinburgh in Edinburgh in Stirling


Dupplin Cross Collegiate Church of Dunnotar Castle in Dunning Lincluden in Dumfries in Stonehaven


Food Scotch broth Steak pie hearty soup with barley a cheap cut of beef or lamb and vegetables beef stew and beef gravy, enclosed mass with mixed vegetables


Gravy Cranachan Whipped cream whiskey, honey and fresh raspberries It is a broth thickened, out of the meat and vegetables during cooking

Famous People :

Famous People Gordon Ramsay – Chef Flora Robson- Actress Sarah Mclaclan – Singer Brian McCardie – Actor Alexander Fleming-Scientist Sean Connery- Actor


Literature Poet- Robert Burns Writers Novelists- Robert Louis, Walter Scott Juvenile Literature - Arthur Conan Doyle


Music Typical Instrument : Hornpipe Bands: Glasvegas , Travis, Rezillos, Alestorm, The Vaselines

Customs :

Customs The Edinburgh Military Tattoo festival, which takes place in the esplanade of the Edinburgh Castle, has attractions from all around the world . The hornpipe groups’ show is the highest point of the festival . The nearby Castle anonymous artists are mixed with tourists from various locations.


Why do the Scots wear a kilt? The kilts were created to protect men against humidity and cold. The woolen fabric was brushed which was impermeable to water. It was used in special occasions such as parties, ceremonies, sports games, etc.

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