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What is a mini saga?:

What is a mini saga ? Mini saga is a short story told in exactly 50 words. Each mini saga has a message that is the focus of the saga.

Benefits of writing a mini saga:

Benefits of writing a mini saga Writing a mini saga expands your creativity . Writing a mini saga develops your thinking . Writing a mini saga enhances your discipline . (by Rajesh Setty )

Tips for writing a mini saga:

Tips for writing a mini saga Each mini saga should have a beginning , middle part and the end . Plan your work carefully. Try to finish your mini saga with a twist . Use images to supplement your mini saga .

A sample of a mini saga:

A s ample of a mini saga The Airport He was running late. Very late! That was the last flight and he didn’t want to spend the night at the airport. He ran as fast as he could. There were only thirty minutes left. W hen he reached the gate his panic turned to a smile – his flight was delayed. (by Rajesh Setty )

A sample of a mini saga:

A s ample of a mini saga The Book John loved the library. That day, he was engrossed in a book. He hoped to finish reading it completely. It was almost the end and then… there was a surprise – the last section was missing. “Well,” John thought “this book is close to real life. You don’t know happens next…” (by Rajesh Setty )

Write your own mini saga:

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