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PHOTOJOURNALISM* photography + journalism* the use of pictures for publication* the art and science of taking pictures with the written words : 

PHOTOJOURNALISM* photography + journalism* the use of pictures for publication* the art and science of taking pictures with the written words

Picture Selection1. Technical value2. Editorial Value : 

Picture Selection1. Technical value2. Editorial Value

Functions of Pictures : 

Functions of Pictures To attract attention To tell a story through the aid of caption to tell a story in sequence with other pictures To give visual relief to the lay out To records history

Tools in Taking Pictures : 

Tools in Taking Pictures Camera Single lens reflex or blade shutter Automatic, semi-automatic or manual Flush Built-in or detachable Film 12 exp., 24 exp. or 36 exposures

Technical considerations : 

Technical considerations Focus Sharpness vs blurredness Correct distance Exposure Exact light not overexposed, underexposed, backlighted or red-eye

Other Technical Considerations : 

Other Technical Considerations Know the basic parts of your camera. Use correct batteries. Always load the batteries before loading the film. Load the film carefully. Press the shutter release button gently. In using the flash, wait until the ready flash indicator lights.

7. Never open the camera if there is a film inside. 8. Take pictures within the range of your flash. 9. Keep your camera lens clean at all times. 10. Avoid posed, firing line pictures. 11. In taking pictures, try squatting or standing. 12. Do not hesitate to ask the subject of your picture for a better angle.

13. Be careful in taking pictures of speakers. 14. Have someone viewing in taking pictures of exhibits. 15. Take time in analyzing the best angle before a shot is taken.

Laying Out Pictures : 

Laying Out Pictures Choose the best photos based on Technical – not blurred, not over or under-exposed, not backlighted, closed-up, good angle Editorial- has a story in itself; anchored on the theme or issue given

Avoid tomb stoning

Observe facing-in rule

Caption must occupy 1/5 size of each picture picture caption picture caption

Caption Writing : 

Caption Writing Types of Caption News photo captions Feature photo captions Essay photo captions “How to” photo captions

General Rules in Caption Writing : 

General Rules in Caption Writing All rules in headline writing apply to caption writing. Match caption with the mood of pictures Caption should supplement the picture not repetition. Don’t begin with “Photo shows….”

For group photos, identify only the important persons, pinpoint his/ her position. In identifying person in the picture, write his location in relation to the other persons inside a parenthesis. Ex. 1. Jose Reyes (left) 2. Winning athletes (from left) Jose Reyes .. 3. Jose Reyes (right) with Josefa Torres …

Avoid erasures Print the captions legibly Do not overemphasize the use of borders. Use active voice, not passive voice in drafting sentences. Avoid using “ is, are, was, were, ang, ang mga, ay”.

Daghang Salamat !!! : 

Daghang Salamat !!!

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