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My poem entitled 'Determination'


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DETERMINATION - Bhuvaneswari Nagarajan All my days seem dark and stormy They gush my thoughts like army Though I understand the risk Slowly I fly to the husk I wonder why do they prolong I expect them till my lifelong Why the almighty wraps me with tribulations They resemble scabs of my frame as coagulations Tears crane resist and roll on Then stabs my soul and throws on The thrown soul travels to the graveyard And reaches the destination which has no guard Where it finds calmness but no tribulations It decides to settle with no procrastinations The calmness asserts to the soul To recycle the tribulations with a goal. It condemns my soul for giving up the faith And kindles it for lighting up that faith The deserted soul recalls the joys exist It decomposes the evil thoughts which persist It realizes that who have no fail And the life is always a turntaking ball It decides to cope up with the risk Meanwhile ignores the thoughts which frisk

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