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There are a lot of factors that can change the way a woman's breasts look: Pregnancy Weight Changes Genetics Gravity


Women purchase quality bras to lift their breasts. Today, there are 300,000 breast implant surgeries performed every year. It’s the most common type of cosmetic surgery in the United States.


Women must be healthy for this procedure. Women should have fully developed breasts and stable weight. Pregnancy and Nursing can ruin the proportion of breasts.


Women needs to understand realistic expectations into their surgery. Breasts will look much fuller and larger. Implants also leave patients with a 3 to 4 inch scar underneath both breasts.


It's important that a patient understands and acknowledges all risks that are associated with breast augmentation. It will always be a risk of an infection developing or bleeding. Possibility of the patient loosing all sensation in the nipple and the implant hardening and wrinkling


The breast implant is placed into the breast through the crease underneath and then pushed under the muscle. Those implants that are inserted through the areola can cause breastfeeding problems to occur.


Women who have gone through a breast lift or breast reduction surgery typically aren't able to breastfeed at all. For those individuals who are truly unhappy with the way their breasts look. With the right surgeon, breast implants could be a life changing procedure.


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