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Community : a “group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society” Development : refers to growth, evolution, stage of progress. it also refers the over all moment towards greater efficiency and complex situation


Definition Community development : a process whereby the efforts of Government are united with those of the people to improve the social, cultural, and economic conditions in communities

Origin of Community Development programmes:

Origin of Community Development programmes During British period Etawah Pilot Project (1948) by Albert Mayer (U.P .): Planning commission influenced to govt. of India Govt.of India on 2 nd oct 1952 3 famous American specialist contributed in formation of this programme they are D.esminger Chester bowls Karl tailor

Size of the unit:

Size of the unit  For each community project, as at present planned, there will be approximately 300 - villages total area of about 450 to 500 square miles, a cultivated area of about 150,000 acres a population of about 200,000 The project area is conceived as being divided into 3 Development Blocks each consisting of about 100 villages a population "of about ^0,000 to 70,000 The Development Block is, in turn, divided into groups of 5 villages each, each group being the field of operation for a village level worker.

Objectives of Community Development :

Objectives of Community Development 1. To introduce a change in farm, house, public service facilities. 2. To bring specific changes in crops, animal production and management. 3. To mobilizes the individual, group activities and their plans for the needs. 4. To take participation of community people. 5. To identify the felt need of community. 6. To rank the needs and resources to be used. 7. To take actions for planning and implementing. 8. To desire for change in knowledge, attitude and skill of the people through Community actions. 9. To utilize the resources and local organizations for community welfare. 10. To involve village leaders and Government machinery for long term efforts continuously

Principles :

Principles 1. Community development is a holistic approach to addressing the community’s needs. 2. Community development is a process . 3. Empowerment results from influence, participation, and community education.

Principles (contd):

Principles (contd) 4. Development ensures environmental stewardship . 5. Development is tied to sustainability . 6. Partnerships provide access to resources.

Main philosophy:

Main philosophy

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