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Details about various brand Elements


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Presentation on Brand elements Submitted by- Bhaskar Dibya FW/2010-13 ICHE-B Submitted to- Dr. Sonal Sisodiya


Criteria- Memorabiltiy Meaningfulness Likability Transferability Adaptability Protectability

Brand Elements-:

Brand Elements- Brand Names & URLs Logos & Symbols Characters Slogans & Jingles Packaging & Signage

Brand Names & URLs-:

Brand Names & URLs- Useful for Brand Awareness & Brand Associations – Compaq, Yahoo, Tide, Dove Descriptive – Singapore Airlines, Hit, Gati, Ivory Suggestive – suggests a benefit or function – Colorstay lipsticks, Head & Shoulders, Mop & Glo, Aquaguard, Eveready, Sugar Free, Low Cal Classical – based on Greek, Latin or Sanskrit words. Ex- Kotak. Arbitrary – no relationship with the company/Product – Apple Computers, Camel


URLs- Criteria- Keep it as simple as possible Avoid Clichés Avoid the .com Brand v/s description – helps only short term Unique personality Unexpected combination (motley fool) Reinvent a real word Make new words

Logos & Symbols-:

Logos & Symbols- Corporate names & Trademarks – Coca-Cola, Nestle, Tata, Maruti, Johnson & Johnson Abstract or non-word mark logos are also known as symbols- Mercedes star, Rolex crown, Nike swoosh, Olympic rings Many logos fall between these 2 extremes – Ralph Lauren’s polo player, Playboy’s Bunny, McDonald’s Golden Arch, Apple Logo


Benefits- Visual nature of logos & symbols – easy recognition & recall Versatile - can be updated transferred across cultures Can be appropriate for a range of product categories-Surf , Dettol, Lux


Characters- A symbol that takes on human or real life characteristics McDonald’s Ronald Disney Characters – Asian Paints – Gattu Pillsbury Doughboy Kellogg's Bear Frosted Flakes -Tony the Tiger Duracell Bunnies Hush Puppies


Benefits- Enhance brand personality & build relationship with customers – Disney for kids Valuable Licensing properties – Barbie dolls, Spiderman, Superman etc., All Disney Characters Can be updated to suit the changing times


Slogans- Short phrases that contain descriptive or persuasive information Adds verbal reinforcement Design of slogans- TO build awareness and image Product sense and beyond (zindagi ke saath bhi .. Ke baad bhi) Updation of slogans- Find out contribution of existing slogan Find out what more you wish to enhance Retain good qualities of earlier slogan and build up on that


Slogans- Nike-Just Do it. Nakhshtra-Diamonds are forever. K.F.C.-So Good. B.M.W.- The ultimate driving machine. Cadbury- Kuch meetha ho jae .


Benefits- Often rich and colorful – attention getting and help in creating brand awareness Help Brands in breaking through the “clutter” in the market Communicate a key product benefit – reliability, speed – Sprint telecom


Jingles- Musical – easy recall - Airtel Reinforce brand positioning and enhance POD’s or POP’s Useful when designing Ad campaigns “Desert rose” – jaguar The axe song Helps in repetitive reminding


Packaging- Identify the brand – strong brand association with packaging style of company Convey descriptive & persuasive information Facilitate product transportation & protection & storage Assist at-home storage (bottles and refill)


Packaging- Aid Product consumption (screw-on cap in soft drink) Innovations can boost sales – Soft drink cans, 2 litre bottles, chocolates in smaller packs, shampoos and hair oils in sachets – enhance product usage & consumption


Packaging- Kingfisher beer – green bottle Cadbury- purple Kit-Kat – red Kodak films – yellow Pepsi - blue

Packaging Essentials-:

Packaging Essentials- Know your consumer Take the big-picture approach Aesthetics + Function Know your distribution channels Educate Management

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