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Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform GCP is taken into account to be one of the large 3 cloud platforms among Microsoft Azure and AWS. GCP is widely used cloud solutions supporting AI capabilities to style and develop smart models to show your data into insights at an inexpensive affordable cost. Cloud Speech API A powerful API from GCP this permits the user to convert speech to text by employing a neural network model. This API is employed to acknowledge over 100 languages throughout the planet. It also can support the filter of unwanted noise/ content from a text under various sorts of environments. Automatic Speech Recognition ASR Global Vocabulary Streaming Recognition Word Hints Real-Time Audio support Noise Robustness Inappropriate Content Filtering and supports for the integration with other APIs of GCP. The architecture of the Cloud Speech API is as follows:

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The components employed by the Speech API are: • Google Remote Procedure Call gRPC API • Google Cloud Client Library • JSON API • Python • Cloud DataLab • Cloud Data Storage • Cloud Endpoints The applications of the model include: • Voice user interfaces • Domotic appliance control • Preparation of structured documents • Aircraft / direct voice outputs • Speech to text processing • Telecommunication Now as weve learned about the concepts and therefore the applications of the model let’s learn some use cases where we will implement the model: • Solving crimes with voice recognition: AGNITIO A voice biometrics specialist is partnered with Morpho Safran to bring Voice ID technology into its multimodal suite of criminal identification products. • Buying products and services with the sound of your voice: Another hottest and mainstream application of biometrics generally is mobile payments. Voice recognition has made its way into this highly competitive arena. • A hands-free AI assistant that knows who you are: Any mobile nowadays has voice recognition software within the sort of AI machine learning algorithms.

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Cloud Translation API Natural language processing NLP may be a part of AI that focuses on MT MT. MT has become the most focused of the NLP group for several years. MT deals with translating text from the language to text within the target language. Cloud Translation API provides a graphical interface to translate an inputted string of a language to targeted language it’s highly responsive scalable and dynamic in nature. The following image shows the architecture of the translation model: The components employed by this model are: • REST API • Cloud DataLab • Cloud data storage • Python Ruby • Clients Library • Cloud Endpoints The most important application of the model is that the conversion of a regional language to a far off language. Use cases Now as weve learned about the concepts and applications of the API let’s learn two use cases where its been successfully implemented:

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· Rule-based Machine Translation · Local Tissue Response to Injury and Trauma For More Information about Google Cloud Platform Online Training ClickHere Ph No: +91-9989971070 E-Mail ID:

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