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1 Name- Shri Akash Bhai Sundarkand Wale Branch- EEE Final year 8 th sem WIMAX TECHNOLOGY


Introduction Problems of earlier Internet access What is Wimax? Features Advantages Uses Broadband Access Types of Wimax Working of wimax Future Wimax v/s wifi Conclusion contents 2


Think about how you access the internet today. There are basically three different options: BROADBAND ACCESS WIFI ACCESS DIAL-UP ACCESS The main problems with broadband access are that it is pretty expensive & it doesn’t reach all areas. The main problem with WIFI is that hot spots are very small, so coverage is sparse. INTRODUCTION 3

What if there were a new technology that solved all of these problems?:

This new Technology would provide:- High speed of broadband service Wireless rather than wired access That is less expensive than cable Much easier to extend to rural areas Broad coverage like cell phone networks. What if there were a new technology that solved all of these problems? All this is possible with WIMAX 4


A fourth generation (4G) technology. WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access WIMAX is a wireless digital communications system also known as IEEE 802.16. WIMAX can provide broadband wireless access up to 30 miles(50 km) for fixed stations and 3-10 miles(5-15 km) for mobile stations. It allows a user, to browse the internet on a laptop without physically connecting it to a router. It involves microwaves for the transfer of data wirelessly. WHAT IS WIMAX? 5


Supports Multipath(OFDM based) Offers high speed Broadband access Offers modulation and error correction Supports reliability of data Wimax MAC layer Wimax mobility Features 6


Bandwidth Flexibility: The service’s bandwidth levels can be flexibly assigned to upload and download, so that businesses can tailor their service to fit their usage patterns. Pricing + Contract Flexibility: WIMAX service offers pricing based on your bandwidth demands. you can select either a total bandwidth speed of 3MB or 6MB upload download. ADVANTAGES 7


Quick Installation: Getting your connectivity up and working as quickly as possible. If you are moving, starting up anew location or need a fast back-up solution, the WIMAX service is ideal. Interpenetration: WIMAX allows interpenetration for broad band service of video and internet access-simultaneously. The real benefit is that you can run signals very, very close to each other on wireless channels. Continues…. 8


Providing portable mobile broadband connectivity across cities and countries through a variety of devices. Providing a wireless alternative to cable and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) for “ last mile " broadband access. Providing data, telecommunications (VoIP) and IPTV services ( triple play ). Providing a source of Internet connectivity as part of a business continuity plan. Uses 9


BROADBAND ACCESS Many companies are closely examining WIMAX for “last-mile" connectivity at high data rates. The resulting competitions may bring lower pricing for both home & business customers, or bring broadband access to places where it has been economically unavailable . 10


TYPES OF WIMAX FIXED WIMAX: Fixed WIMAX deployments do not cater for hand off between base stations, therefore the service provider cannot offer mobility. MOBILE WIMAX: Mobile WIMAX implementations can be used to deliver both fixed & mobile services. SAMSUNG MOBILE WIMAX DEVICES 11

How WIMAX Works?:

A WIMAX tower station can connect directly to the internet using a high-bandwidth, wired connection. It can also connect to another WIMAX tower using a line-of-sight, microwave link. This connection to a second tower, along with the ability of a single tower to cover up to 3,000 square miles, is what allows WIMAX to provide coverage to remote rural areas. How WIMAX Works? 12


Continues.. In practical terms, WIMAX would operate similar to WIFI but at higher speeds, over greater distances and for greater number of users. WIMAX could potentially erase the suburban & rural blackout areas that currently have no broadband internet access because phone and cable are not yet reached the remote locations. 13

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Reliance WIMAX broadband delivery:

Reliance WIMAX broadband delivery 15


Anywhere, Anytime, Connectivity WIMAX offers the kind of service where you can get a connection, wherever u may be. When WIMAX is fully developed, u will no longer be limited to 300 feet within the WIFI hotspot, & u won’t have to drive around looking for a connection…. FUTURE 16

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Cost Effective There are areas of the world-especially in rural areas-where deploying wired broadband infrastructure is not cost effective. In this case WIMAX is very cost effective. High speed of Broadband service Another benefit of WIMAX is the ability to get a higher connection speeds farther away from the transmitter. 17


WIMAX WIMAX is a long range system, covering many km’s that typically uses licensed spectrum to deliver a point-to-point connection to the internet from an ISP to an end user. WIMAX provides services analogous to cell phone. WiFi WiFi is shorter range system, typically hundreds of meters, that uses unlicensed spectrum to provide access to a n/w. WiFi is more analogous to a cordless phone . COMPARISON B/W WIMAX & WIFI 18


It uses a mechanism based on setting up connections between the base station & user device. Each connection is based on specific scheduling algo’s, which means that quality of service parameter can be guaranteed. Wi-Fi has introduced a quality of service mechanism similar to fixed Ethernet, where packet can receive different priorities based on their tags. This means that QOS as opposed to guaranteed. COMPARISON B/W WIMAX & WIFI 19

WIMAX Instruments:


Mobile WIMAX Broadband:

Mobile WIMAX Broadband 21


Wimax can make high speed internet available to much larger areas as compared to wi-fi The Wimax technology offers around 72 Mega Bits per second without any need for the cable infrastructure. Wimax reduces the tariff for voice, video, data etc. Thus Wimax can be said to be taking broadband completely to the next level. Conclusion 22

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