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Tech Use Plan Presentation:

Tech Use Plan Presentation Beckett Haight

Do schools need a Tech Plan?:

Do schools need a Tech Plan? These days technology is becoming an integral part of our lives Thus, it is important for schools to make it an integral part of the delivery of the curriculum



Who makes the tech plan?:

Who makes the tech plan? The school should incorporate as many stakeholders from the school community as possible

Tech Plan Steps:

Tech Plan Steps Planning team is formed Research Plan is constructed Plan is formalized Continuous assessment of plan Source: Mississippi Grad Students

Vision Statement:

Vision Statement This is what guides the whole process, it is your impetus “ In the age of increasing technological integration into the day to day lives of our society, it is important that we mirror this evolution in our classrooms. Our school needs to continue in furthering it’s technological maturity and become a school where technology is an integral part of the classroom, where teachers and students alike would not be able to reach their academic goals without it. All stakeholders will have real-time access to all pertinent levels of data that relate to on-going assessment of teachers and students. By the time students leave our school, their academic technological skills will mirror their technological skills in their personal lives; they will be adept.” example

Goals of Tech Plan:

Goals of Tech Plan The goals should: Reflect the mission statement Have objectives that lead to the goals Have a timeline

Assessment Needs:

Assessment Needs Administration Innovation Support Curricular

How can the staff become knowledgable and engaged:

How can the staff become knowledgable and engaged Professional Development should sometimes involve technological aspects Ex Bookmark sharing Have incentives and teacher goals

Evaluation of the Plan:

Evaluation of the Plan It should be based on: - The measurable goals and objectives Can contain data from surveys of the stakeholders Must be ongoing


Timeline Given that See (1992) suggested short-term is better than long-term, but we are busy professionals, I would say that the process should be a two-year to three year plan.

Year 1: Planning:

Year 1: Planning

Timeline (Year 2):

Timeline (Year 2)

Timeline (Year 3):

Timeline (Year 3)

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