ASTM A213 Seamless tubes Manufacturers in India


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Bhagwati Steelage leading ASTM a213 T2| ASTM a213 T11| ASTM a213 T12| ASTM a213 T22 |ASTM a213 T91 |ASTM a213 T92 Seamless Tube s . We are the Approved Suppliers and wanders’ of ONGC , SHELL and BPCL since one Decade. World’s Leading s: Bhagwati Steelage ,Indian Origin, Japanese Origin, Korean Origin, US Origin, European Origin, Ukraine Origin, Russian Origin


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ASTM A21 ALLOY STE A213 T11  Exporting decade .    We are the A ASTM A ASTM A ASTM A ASTM A ASTM A Alloy Steel T 1. Si 2. Th 3. Al 13 Seamless t EEL TUBES A Tube  ASTM g Astm A213 T Approved Suppli A213 T2 Pipe A213 T11 Pip A213 T22 Pip A213 T91 Pip A213 T92 Pip Tubes/Tubing ize Range: 1/2” hickness Range lloy Steel Tubes tubes Manufa STM A213 Se M A213 T12 Tu Tubes  ASTM ers and wanders es pes pes pes pes OD up to 5” OD e: SCH 40 SCH s Specifications acturers in In eamless tubes ube ASTM A2  A213 Seamle s’ of ONGC SH Ready S customs diamet 80 SCH 160 S s: ASTM A/ASM   dia GLOBAL  s Manufactur 213 T22 Tube ess tubes s an   ELL and BPCL s Stock Avail 100 ton 100 ton 100 ton 100 ton 100 ton ters also availab CH XS SCH XX E SA 213 T5 T9 SUPPLIER OF  ers in India A  ASTM A213  nd Astm A213 since one Decad able le XS All Schedules 9 T12 T22 T23 HIGH QUALIT ASTM A213 T T92 Tube .  3 Tubes Supp e. s upto 12mm thk T91 T92   TY ASTM A21 2 Tube  ASTM liers since 2    k 13  M

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Bhagwati Steelage 50MARUTI MANDIR MARG 5th.KUMBHARWADA LANE MUMBAI-400004. Phone No : 022-23891997 / 022-66595008 Fax No : 022-23891998 Email Id: Contact Person: MUKESH JAIN : +91 98211 25711 KAMLESH JAIN : +91 98690 19980

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