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Steering : essential to driving :

Steering : essential to driving Like most things in a car, the concept of steering is simple - you turn the steering wheel, the front wheels turn accordingly, and the car changes direction. How that happens though is not quite so simple.

Basic steering components :

Basic steering components 99 % of the world's car steering systems are made up of the same three or four components. The steering wheel, which connects to the steering system, which connects to the track rod, which connects to the tie rods, which connect to the steering arms. A ll the designs essentially move the track rod left-to-right across the car. The tie rods connect to the ends of the track rod with ball and socket joints, and then to the ends of the steering arms, also with ball and socket joints. The purpose of the tie rods is to allow suspension movement as well as an element of adjustability in the steering geometry.

The Ackermann Angle :

The Ackermann Angle When a car goes around a corner, the outside wheels travel further than the inside wheels. In the case of a transmission, it's why you need a differential , but in the case of steering, it's why you need the front wheels to actually point in different directions .. You can see the inside wheels travel around a circle with a smaller radius (r2) than the outside wheels (r1):

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In order for that to happen without causing undue stress to the front wheels and tyres , they must point at slightly different angles to the centreline of the car. The following diagram shows the same thing only zoomed in to show the relative angles of the tyres to the car. It's all to do with the geometry of circles:

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