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T urning “ Dead ” Leads into “Ready-to-Close” Removing the weakest links in your Sales & Qualifying Process today

Strengthening All Your Business Processes:

Strengthening All Your Business Processes Manufactured Home Dealer Home Loan Approval Program

Are you sales declining?: Are you sales declining? Have you turned away 1/2 of your unqualified leads? Did you refer them to credit repair? Do you know what came of those leads ? Did few of them come back as qualified this month? Do you know why? Have you even kept track? Are you having a hard time following up on all your leads? Do you have a decreased sales & support staff? Where have all the buyers gone?

“Dead” to “Sold” to “Closed”: “Dead” to “Sold” to “Closed” We specialize in clients who have been turned away by dealers or lenders. They may have simply told them come back after they got their file in order. They might have even referred them to a credit repair company who handles only a fraction of what is required to get a buyer to the finish line and any lender to look at their file with a enough comfort level to finance them 50 - 150 thousand dollars . A successful home sale goes way beyond removing negative items from a credit report . Removing all negative items can actually bring scores down. Southern Credit Partners has the big picture in mind from Lead through Pre-Qualification and we have relationships with the best and most affordable lenders in the industry. Are you paying more than about $4000 in closing fees?. A re you closer to $12,000 in closing fees. Use the $8,000 difference to better use! Think of us as your extended sales force with a PHD in lending requirements, guidelines and getting clients through the entire sales to prequalification process successfully. Where are all your past leads today?

Downsized Recently? : Downsized Recently? Our all encompassing program includes: Sales - Focused on bringing “ Dead ” Leads Back to Life Marketing Customer support Customer management Credit Repair, Development & Debt Settlement PLUS Working on All 30 Credit Overlays Including working on DTI issues We have a proven solution?

PowerPoint Presentation: 24/7 Access to Progress & Status?

PowerPoint Presentation: 24/7 Access to Progress & Status?

PowerPoint Presentation: 24/7 Access to Progress & Status?

Sales Services - Complete “Sales-to-Sold” Solutions :

Sales Services - Complete “ Sales-to-Sold ” Solutions Home Loan Approval Program Job Description & Duties Sales and Marketing Dead Lead - Entered into Customer Management Database Sales Calls by Southern Credit for Dealer “Hello , this is Bonnie calling from Southern Credit for Dealer John Smith…” 3 – 6 sales calls per dead lead - to let them know how we are going to create a plan to get them approved. If Dead Lead does not respond = Suspended or Slow Prospects Receive ongoing communications: Email campaigns , newsletters & telephone broadcasts Ex. “ Tax Refund for Down Payment ”, “ Testimonials Newsletter ” Application over phone or Online – Populates Database Co-Branded Marketing – Web Application Form , Newsletters, Pamphlets, Flyers Personal Credit Report obtained if not already run by Dealer = Entered in Database Reports - to Dealers (Lead & Client) Meetings – with Dealer - Review Leads and Clients “Dead Lead” = Does not qualify or meet lender and/or FHA requirements

Home Loan Approval Program System:

Home Loan Approval Program System The Process of Creating “Qualified Buyers” Action Plan – 12 Page Plan “Here’s where you are today, Here’s where you need to be for approval, Here’s what we’re going to do together to get you there in about 90 days ” Includes What not to do (20 point check list) Action Plan Meeting at Dealer Office Action Plan Review Southern Credit and the Lead Review Plan (1 hour) Converted Client - Confirm Lead Starting Program Automated Reminders & Next Steps - Emailed to SCP and Client New Client meets with Dealer ( after Action Plan Meeting) Weekly Status Calls – 20 Point Checklist, Assist Next Steps, “ What not to do ” Automated Reminders: Next Steps, Staying on Plan, Praise on Progress, Remind Client to Check Status Portal Online, and Critical reminders

Meeting Lender Requirements in 90 Days :

Meeting Lender Requirements in 90 Days Home Loan Approval Program Job Description & Duties: Getting your Client Qualified - 30 Credit Overlays (Underwriting) Disputes all Negative Items to all Bureaus on every round Disputes Mailed by Southern Credit Partners Not by the Client - Eliminates 50% mistakes/delays Online Credit Repair Portal – Online 24/7 password access Status of Disputes, Scores, New Lines Bureau Responses received and uploaded/Next Rounds Executed New lines of credit (trade lines) application through completion (5 Step / 3 Week Process) Managed Trade Lines (while avoiding DTI pitfalls) Paying down annual fees ~ On time monthly payments ~ Usage/Balance Management! Managing bank accounts (healthy accounts, funds sourcing, etc . ) Prioritize monthly expenses to focus on financing goals Weekly Update Call to remind clients on the 30 Credit Overlays Savings plan to meet estimated Down Payment and/or outside Sourcing for Down Payment Sourcing funds, Deposit verification and other Hidden Lender Guidelines Credit Report Monitoring and 24/7 Credit Monitoring Alerts Monitor Client for Changes in Employment, Income, Debt (effect DTI & Qualifying Requirements)

Meeting Lender Requirements in 90 days:

Meeting Lender Requirements in 90 days Home Loan Approval Program Job Description & Duties: Mid-Cycle Action-Plan Meeting Mid-way Action Plan Meeting – “Remap” or reconfirm final steps Debt Settlement to meet Score or Maximum $ Collection Guidelines NEW FHA Rule! $1,000 max collections (and only if over 2 years old) Home Selection/Contract Down Payment Plan Lender Selected for Clients Needs/Goals Submitted Closing –Testimonial Release Form, Photos, Included in Newsletter, Website

Driving in New and Past Leads/Clients:

Driving in New and Past Leads/Clients Co-Branded Advertising & Marketing (Optional) (As per agreement) Direct Mail Your Website Lead Form Advertising Campaign Telephone Broadcasting On-staff Services: Graphic Design Services (ex. postcards, newsletters, brochures, logos etc.) Direct Marketing and Email Campaign Services Website Design, Maintenance and Updating Services (see websites) Customer Seminars (Sales/Educational) - See PowerPoint/Video Telemarketing Services

Complete “Sales-to-Sold” Solutions:

Job Description Recap: Duties & Responsibilities: Complete “ Sales-to-Sold ” Solutions “Removing Negative Items” is only a small component of our overall duties! Sales , Marketing and Customer Support Loan Approval Program focusing on ALL 30 credit overlays Disputing Negative items on Credit Report (1 of 30 credit overlays) FYI - Removing Negative Items exclusively can bring credit scores down! Weekly Customer Management/Reminders – most critical step! We Drive Leads Back, Promote Sales, Manage Existing Clients Build your clients’ files to meet ALL the requirements

Complete “Sales-to-Sold” Solutions:

Benefits Recap! Benefits: Complete “ Sales-to-Sold ” Solutions It’s a Win-Win for everyone! Convert "dead" into pre-qualified New pre-qualified buyers to you from our independent advertising efforts Move Inventory & Meet Quotas Performance based relationship (like sales dept.) 95% of clients ready for approval who follow the program Reduction of work in sales-to-support-to-closing Business expansion without additional employees Increased sales & profits Lower closing fees Less underwriting requirements

Thank you!:

Thank you! Start Online 800-355-7935 Speak with a Representative We look forward to getting started. Don’t Delay. Start today!

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