Poverty and Inequality

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Poverty and Inequality : 

Poverty and Inequality

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Meaning of poverty Poverty is the inability to get the minimum consumption requirements for life, health, and efficiency. These requirements include food ,clothing,housing,education and basic health requirements. The term poverty is used in two ways: 1)Absolute poverty: Absolute poverty refers to a section of society ,who is unable to have even basic necessities of life or fails to attain a minimum standard of living. It is determined on the basis of two criteria i)Minimum calories criterion ii) Minimum consumption expenditure criterion. 2)Relative poverty: It refers to a comparatively study of different classes,regions,and different countries. The country whose level of subsistence is low, is treated poor or relatively poor in comparison with a class of people having high subsistence

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Poverty line Poverty line Is the line which indicates the level of purchasing power required to satisfy the minimum needs of a person.purchasing power can be expressed in the form average per capita monthly expenditure. Thus the line divides the population into two groups ,one of those who have this purchasing power or more . Poverty line is a cut off point on the income distribution,which divides the population as poor and non-poor.people below poverty line are poor and above that line are average and rich.

Causes of poverty : 

Causes of poverty Heavy pressure of population Increase in prices Slow economic growth Chronic unemployment and under-employment Rural economy Capital deficiency Lack of able and efficient entrepreneurs Lack of proper industrialization Outdated social institutions No proper use of natural resources Lack of developed means of transport Natural calamities Corruption Poor work culture

Sugesstions for removal of poverty : 

Sugesstions for removal of poverty Increase in economic growth rate Development of agriculture Increase in production of goods for mass consumption Stability in price level Check on increase in population Increase in employment Change in the technique of production Equal distribution of income More concessions to backward areas Increase in saving and investment Special scheme for rural development Effective public distribution system

Measures taken by government : 

Measures taken by government Swaranjayanti gram swarozgar yojana Sampoorna grameen rozgar yojana National food for work programme Small and cottage industries Prime minister rozgar yojana Swaranjayanti shahri rozgar yojana National rural employment guarantee programme

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