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MKT 339 week 9:

Campaigns MKT 339 week 9


Campaigns Set of interrelated, coordinated advertising messages Focused on single theme or idea Key questions Is it a campaign? One campaign v. multiple campaigns When is it too much? Too long? Can you evolve?

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Variety in executions is OK Based on simple messages Consistency is about strategy, underlying idea Ultimately about connecting Media strategy: reach them multiple times Different (media) locations with same message

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Cross media and cross platform extensions are important Reach them other places besides TV Extend the campaign Involve consumers: interactive Message, imagery should be consistent

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Multiple campaigns can be effective Brand/corporate + product specific Tied together by core message or imagery Can also be confusing, problematic Messages, imagery are conflicting Just too many Think of creative brief

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When to move on? New executions of same campaign “evolve” campaign Change it and move on Need to think about awareness, imagery starting over Other factors Agency change Management changes, impatience

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ESPN brand campaign Product campaigns Levi’s when NOT to extend New campaign: improvement? GEICO How many executions? How many campaigns?

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