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MKT 325 week 10:

New Products MKT 325 week 10

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Perception: new products – fun, sexy innovative, always changing Reality: most new products are line extensions, brand extensions “Product” and “brand” aspect to discussion Product: grow business, drive volume Brand: where can brand “go”? Effect of NP activity on brand

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Growth matrix basic, important concept Framework How to grow your business How to consider, evaluate NP ideas

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Growth matrix Current New Products Products Current markets New markets

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2 key questions for BRAND How far / where can brand go? What is effect on parent brand? Bring new people into brand franchise (+) Effect on brand imagery (+/-) Cannibalization (-)

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Examples: all about strategy Cadillac Cimarron Virgin Levi’s Bic Fruit Loops

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Innovation Peanut butter pop-tart? Sharp Movies

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