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MKT 325 week 7:

Measurement MKT 325 week 7

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Exploratory Upfront, open ended, gain understanding Evaluative Measure success / make decisions Measured against norms Tracking Ongoing measurement: changes over time Awareness, attitudes, message communication Research = Aid to judgment

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Qualitative Focus groups, 1 on 1’s, ethnography Usually exploratory Advantage: in-depth, Disadvantage: small sample Quantitative Surveys Usually evaluative, tracking Advantage: large sample / projectable Disadvantage: closed end questions

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In brand value chain, customer mindset one of 4 value stages Awareness Associations Attitudes Attachment Activity Want to be able to measure it Or at least assess it qualitatively Feeds into brand equity > assets Helps determine brand/shareholder value Determines effectiveness of marketing programs

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Some factors need to be measured quantitatively Need to make decisions Identify areas of focus With other factors, just trying to understand Better inform other activities Advertising New products Other research

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Examples Beringer Stanford Hospital SPAM Miller / Icehouse

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