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Betty Ahn Vancouver, Jae Ahn Vancouver will give you details about the fashion icon of the year 2017. Betty Ahn Vancouver, Jae Ahn Vancouver


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Top 5 fashion icons of the year 2017:

Top 5 fashion icons of the year 2017

1: Blake Lively :

1: Blake Lively This “Gossip Girl” always looks fab on the red carpet whether it’s in a thigh-skimming hemline or a deep neckline and fashion bible Vogue agrees. She’s one of the few TV actresses to grace their cover.

2: Leighton Meester :

2: Leighton Meester Just like her “Gossip Girl” character Blair Waldorf, Leighton always wears the most fashionable ensembles. She is known for her daring – and sometimes controversial — looks .

3: Lauren Conrad :

3: Lauren Conrad After getting her own series, “The Hills,” in 2006, Lauren stepped right into the fashion industry with an internship at Teen Vogue. Two short years later, her first fashion line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, debuted at LA Fashion.

4: Rihanna :

4: Rihanna Rihanna is the “only girl in the world” that can pull off her unique fashion style! It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a sheer dress, a tube top or short shorts — she always makes a statement .

5: Taylor Swift :

5 : Taylor Swift This country cutie is known for her heartfelt lyrics and curly blonde hair, but her fabulous fashion sense shouldn’t be overlooked. Swift is the ultimate girl-next-door fashion icon, wearing cute outfits that every girl idolizes.

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