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Current Project: Stippling :

Current Project: Stippling Today’s Agenda: Get your artwork, black acrylic paint and paintbrush out and begin working. During class today we will also be briefly reviewing our objectives for this project as we are approaching a halfway (or greater) point.

Review of Our Objectives::

Use the stippling technique to demonstrate a range of values to create the illusion of complex forms. Identify and vary the element of “value” in your work to create contrast. Create implied lines through the use of the stippling technique. Review of Our Objectives:

Let’s Review…:

How are you creating a range of values in your work? Let’s Review…

PowerPoint Presentation:

How is the grid enhancing your ability to create areas of value?

Ask yourself-Are you creating contrast in your artwork?:

Ask yourself-Are you creating contrast in your artwork?

Where can you see implied lines in this image?:

Where can you see implied lines in this image? Are you creating implied lines in your artwork?

Projected Deadline::

I am looking at this Friday as the current projected deadline (depending upon your work and how hard you are working--- if we need more time collectively I will take that into consideration)… do not get sloppy. Make sure you are staying focused and on task and keep the end in mind. They are looking AMAZING. Good job so far! Projected Deadline:

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