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Stippling Stippling is a common art technique used to create value with shading and texture in drawings. Stippling can be done with a wide variety of mediums (paint, ink, etc ).

Why is a stippling black and white?:

Why is a stippling black and white? Because a stippling is similar to pointillism but they are NOT the same thing. Pointillism Seurat: La Grande Jatte Stippling

Stippling VERSUS Pointillism:

Stippling VERSUS Pointillism Pointillism is the color version of a stipple portrait. As colored dots are placed adjacent to each other, when the viewer moves further away, the colors seem to blend to the eye, creating a new color . Detail from Circus Sideshow (or Parade de Cirque) (1889) showing pointillism by Georges Seurat

Why stipple instead of pointillism?:

Why stipple instead of pointillism? Because you have to understand color theory to successfully do the pointillism technique. I am telling you this so you will understand why we are doing a black and white stippling instead of pointillism. A stippling will help us STUDY VALUE TO BEGIN WITH and will also familiarize you with controlled brush movement . After we study color theory in our next unit we will move into more paintings with color.

The Function of Stippling:

The Function of Stippling The closer the dots, the darker the subject will be. This is handy for shading. To create a look of gradual shading, the artist only has to make the dots closer and closer as the lighting fades to get a shaded look. Stippling can also create the look of texture. If the dots are irregular in shape, this can make the object look rough.

How to Do a Stippling With a Paintbrush:

How to Do a Stippling With a Paintbrush Without moistening the brush with water , load the brush with the color paint you plan to use as the basic stippling color. Swish the brush back and forth on the tray to even the paint out so there won't be globs of color when you apply it to the project.

You can use a variety of brushes but to begin with USE A SMALLER BRUSH than this photo:

You can use a variety of brushes but to begin with USE A SMALLER BRUSH than this photo

Here are some stippling examples::

Here are some stippling examples:

The End Result: the Effects of Stippling:

The End Result: the Effects of Stippling This form of shading creates an optical illusion when done correctly. To the viewer, the shading will almost look like one smooth application from far away and the dots will only be obvious when viewed very closely. From far away no dots will be apparent. We will also use gridding to help you achieve proportions and to find the value more easily.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Just remember: Make sure that the picture you choose has a lot of areas of value for you to demonstrate with your stippling. You will do a great job!

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