5 Methods For Getting Traffic to Your Website

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Free 5 Methods For Getting Traffic to Your Website


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5 Methods For Getting Traffic to Your Website:

5 Methods For Getting Traffic to Your Website

1. Using Squidoo:

1. Using Squidoo Squidoo is a Web 2.0, every people can join for free and create as many as web page to promote website or products. The great news is search engine loves this social web. Your pages can get high ranking on search engine. You can get targeted traffic and high quality backlinks from this social web. Join free here http://squidoo.com http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite 2

2. Using Hubpages:

2. Using Hubpages Hubpages is another social website, where people can sign up for free and create page as much as they want. Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo Make sure that you make decent quality pages on social web. If you just post content that is taken from somewhere else, or of low quality , your page will get shut down . It’s a perfect way to get some high quality backlinks and decent traffic. Join for free http://hubpages.com http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite 3

3. Using Propeller:

3. Using Propeller Propeller is a very popular website. It have a high page rank. Propeller is a place where users can submit new stories. Create a high quality story that related to your website or product. Just make sure to submit high quality story, if you submit poor quality story, it will get shut down. To submit a story to Propeller is very easy, it should only take a minute. Join for free here: http://propeller.com http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite 4

4. Doing Keyword Research:

4. Doing Keyword Research It is very important to do proper keyword research. You must research the best keywords to target. If your are not doing keyword research your website will not get high rank on search engine. Only writing a high quality article without doing keyword research will not give you traffic. Find keywords that have high amount of searches per day/month but have low amount of competition. Avoid keywords that have these criteria: Keywords with too much competition (you would not be able to rank high enough) Keywords with too little search volume (you may rank high, but still get very little traffic) Use this great and free tool: https ://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite 5

5. Using Press Release:

5. Using Press Release Press releases are a great way to get you fast and targeted traffic. It’s very effective and fast. Write a high quality press release and submit to press release website. There are a free and paid press release website, you can check the differences on each press release websites. If you serious about your business, you should do this method. It is well worth it. You can try to submit your press release to http://prweb.com http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite 6

6. More Methods:

6. More Methods For more about methods for getting traffic to your website, please visit link below: Click here Or copy paste link below to your browser http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite http://bit.ly/GetMoreTrafficToYourWebsite 7

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