Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice : 

Pride and Prejudice Costume drama

This lesson... : 

This lesson... Introduce Pride and Prejudice Revise Mise and Scene and Representation within costume drama Analyse a text with reference to gender representation, Mise en scene and stereotypes. Camera Angles – how do they heighten representation?

Mise en Scene : 

Mise en Scene ‘everything within a scene’ How is mise en scene important for costume drama? How does mise en scene help us construct representations of individuals? Costume drama needs specific locations and props to obtain ‘costume drama reference’ – make note!

Pride and Prejudice (bbc 1) : 

Pride and Prejudice (bbc 1) Based on the novel by Jane Austen and adapted for BBC in 1995 Stars Colin Firth as Mr Darcy TV Serial which was then Adapted for film in 2005

Characters : 

Characters Elizabeth Bennett – Main female protagonist. Audience see’s plot unfold from her point of view Fitzwilliam Darcy – Main Male protagonist. Wealthy bachelor from estate in Derbyshire Jane Bennett – Eldest sister at 22, where the novel begins. Contrasted with sister Elizabeth Mary Bennett – Plain sister of the Bennett family. Works hard for knowledge and reads. Catherine Bennett - 17 and portrayed as similar to Lydia. Lydia Bennett – Loves to socialise at age of 15, frivolous and a socialite. Charles Bingley – Wealthy gentleman without an estate. Contrasted with his friend Mr Darcy although liked more. George Wickman – Old acquaintance of Darcy although they no longer speak. Spreads lies of tales about wrong with Darcy Lady Catherine – Darcy’s influence, a lady of wealth and society. Very condescending and rude.

Elizabeth Bennett : 

Elizabeth Bennett How does Pride and Prejudice represent main chareacter Elizabeth Bennett? What can you gather from the first episode, Elizabeth is like? How is she represented? What traits does she possess? Are these traits true to reality (think of the period) or are they constructed for viewing? Social economic status?

Mr Darcy : 

Mr Darcy From the episode, what attitudes towards women does Mr Darcy have? How is he represented? What traits does he possess within his character? What evidence is their about his social economic status? Is he conforming to ideologies or challenging them?

Camera Angles : 

Camera Angles Watch an episode of Pride and Prejudice and make note of the camera angles used. How are they influential within a scene? How do they create tension? Give examples.

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