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Bethany Kludt is a college student and part time waitress. she loves helping others.


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Bethany Kludt is passionate about a number of good causes, including that of helping the homeless. She understands the need for the underserved communities within the homeless population (I.E., those dealing with mental illnesses, domestic abuse, drug addiction, and other afflictions), to receive proper assistance and compassionate guidance out of the plight of living without the security of a home.


There are many reasons why individuals may face homelessness, and she is keenly aware that all too many folks who are simply down-and-out fall through the cracks.


Many people experience homelessness for the first time due to one or more of the following reasons: Identity theft or fraud often results in the victim being shut-out of their career, community, or other life-stabilizing aspect(s) and becoming homeless. Domestic violence or abuse often results in the victim becoming homeless.


Unfortunately , homeless individuals are all too often marginalized and not treated as individuals dealing with unique issues. So, even if there was no need to supply homeless shelters with financial support, there’d always be a need for good people to ‘show up’, so to speak, to the places that those who have fallen on hard times go. Being there for someone who’s spirit has been dragged through the mud can mean more to a person than one might even imagine . As a soon-to-be resident nurse, Bethany Kludt is determined to do what she can to help those in need.

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