nina and the baby sparrows

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There was a joy in Nina’s house. Nina’s aunt was getting married. Nina’s aunt Nina’s mother Nina

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Nina ,her father ,mother and little brother were all going to Delhi for the wedding. Every one was happy except Nina.

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Her mother took her to market to buy a new dress . .

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What colour would you like? I don't want a new dress . Salwar – kameez then?

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“I don’t want those , either. Thank you ,mother .” “What about those lovely white shoes you saw last week?”

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Nina’s mother was upset, but she said nothing. They went back home and had lunch.

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After lunch mother came and sat near Nina.

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What is it child? Why did you say no to everything?

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Mother ,I don’t want to go to the wedding. But why? Why don’t you tell me what ‘s bothering you?

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Nina said nothing. Instead, two big tears rolled down her cheeks.

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I see…… There is a sparrow ‘s nest in the book shelf. And there are two baby sparrows in the nest.

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“They’re just beginning to get their feathers. And growing up makes them so hungry. All day long they cry ‘cheep-cheep’, asking for food.” cheep cheep

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I see…… If we go the whole place will be locked. How will papa and mama sparrows feed their babies? But that’s not problem. We ‘ll leave the window open .

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Oh, can we , Mother? Can we ? Really?

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“Yes, yes. We’ll remove all your things from the room and lock the door on the outside.

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So the house will be perfectly safe and papa and Mama sparrows can come and go freely, too.

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Just think, Nina... while you enjoy yourself at the wedding, the baby sparrows will be getting nice and fat in their nest. Good idea, isn’t it ?

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It was a good idea. When Nina came back from the wedding, there were two plump little sparrows flying all over the room.

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And wasn't Nina thrilled!

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Presented by Ms.Rekha V PRT K.V.Ambarnath

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