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I am from China ,I prepare for a seminar on food .thank you

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Food is important to: 1) live 2) grow 3) Give us energy to work and play. 4) Keep us strong and healthy.

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SOURCES OF FOOD 1) Plants 2) Animals

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Plants give us 1) Cereals 2) Vegetables 3) Fruits 4) Pulses 5) Oil Animals give us Milk Eggs Meat

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Cereals Rice Wheat Maize Barley



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Types of food Some food items help us to grow. pulses Growth giving food

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Some food items give us energy. Rice Energy giving food

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Fruits and vegetables protect us from diseases. Health giving food

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Meals of the day Breakfast – taken in the morning. Lunch – taken in the afternoon. Dinner – taken at night. Breakfast Lunch Dinner

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Junk Food These food items are not rich in substances which are good for our body. It can make us ill. We can become Fat and lazy.

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Good food habits 1) Take meals at fixed times. 2) Wash hands before and after taking food. 3) Always eat fresh and covered food. 4) Eat slowly and chew the food well. 5) Do not speak while eating.

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Always eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one which has all types of food in the right amount.

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What are they made up of ? (Plant food or animal food)

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Junk Food Judy snacked all day and all night. Eating all the twinkies , pies, and cookies in sight. She gobbled tons of pizza, hotdogs, and burgers, too. And washed them down with cola drinks when she was through. Chorus: She was the Junk Food Queen. (That was Judy.) If you know what I mean. (Judy, Judy.) She never ate a balanced meal at any time. But she snacked morning, noon, and night right up to bedtime. That was Judy. Junk food Judy. When Junk Food Judy got up every day, She didn’t have the energy to go out and play. While the other kids had fun playing games outside, Judy and her snacks stayed inside to hide Repeat Chorus: Bridge: One day Judy decided she was through. She was tired of sitting alone and feeling blue. She knew she needed energy to run and play. So she tossed all her junk food snacks away. Judy quit her junk food habits as I say, And started eating balanced meals three times a day. She joined the other kids who liked to play, run, and swim. And was so surprised to find that she was fit and trim. Chorus: She was the Junk Food Queen. (That was Judy.) If you know what I mean. (Judy, Judy.) Now she eats fruits and vegetables every day. And she’s got good eating habits that are here to stay. Now that’s Judy. Used to be Junk Food Judy. Correlation with English Poem to make students aware of importance of balanced diet.

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